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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. deltronzero
    Sorry for the noob question, but can someone please link or post instructions on how to install lurker's firmware?  I've got the update.img ready.  Its been awhile since I've updated my DX50...not sure if its the same.
  2. haens
    1. copy update.img to the inside memory
    2. choose "update firmware" from Settings - Advanced
    3. do factory reset afterwards
    its better if DX90 battery is fully charged when doing fw update.
  3. Y2HBK
    I always used iTunes to manage my library when I had an iPod. Therefore most of my files are mp3 or ALAC files. None of my album art is displaying on my DX90 with the latest rockbox. 
    Any ideas what I can do to fix this?
  4. Hawk84r

    If i remember correctly, iTunes doesn't embed any artwork and/or lyrics and staff inside media and rather keeps it in media DB, which it syncronizes along with media files. I would try something like mp3tag to check if it isn't a rockbox bug and fix it right away.
    To rockbox: still have realy random crackling issues but it almost unnoticible. What worries me more is that with this build i had my rockbox settings reset several times with no apparent reason (battery wasn't low). Strangely, media DB didn't reset a single time.
  5. headwhacker

    By reset you mean rockbox reverts to default settings and themes? If yes, I notice the same behavior but only if I force a shutdown while rockbox is playing music. If I pause the music playing before I shut it down it does not reset the settings.

    What I do as a workaround at the moment is turn on the hold switch before booting and select rockbox again. So you don't have to redo your settings. Another option is to save your settings to a file and then reload it when you need to. I have not look at the reason why it resets the settings yet.
  6. Hawk84r

    Guessed as much. But I could sware one time it did reset while it wasn't playing anything, Thanks for hold thing, will test that.
    Saving file is not an option - its a portable one and I rarely have a PC around (phone won't do, 'cause rockbox not on sd) and, on the average, setting avarything manualy take about as much time as getting to PC and restoring settings file, IMHO.
  7. headwhacker

    You can save the settings as a file within DX90. And you can load it from rockbox. You don't need a PC for that. Check Settings -> Manage Settings. That will be saved on DX90's internal storage
    Hawk84r likes this.
  8. Hawk84r
    Thanks a ton. That actualy helps. Good luck figuring whats went wrong :)
  9. Wishmasterx
    I have Rockbox 0_1_4, but it make all versions. Maybe it is not bug, but it is not comfortable. When player is in Play screen and screen is off, firts press of any HW button (forw, rev, volume, ...) have not effect, but jump to Menu (screen is all time off). Second press have correct effect. But when I press power to screen on, player is in Menu. Is it possible modify this?
  10. Hawk84r

    Perhaps you have enabled this: Settings -> General settings -> Display -> LCD Settings -> First buttonpress enables backlight only. Also, from what you described you misinterpret buttons functions in rockbox - Power button is equal to back button, so if you press it to screen on you end up one level up, which is menu if you where on play screen.
    paulus germanus likes this.
  11. Marleybob217
    Guys, I can't seem to build the database. It finds items, and then just, doesn't do anything anymore, doesn't matter how long I let it do its thing. 
    Has anyone else encountered the same problem?
  12. nmatheis Contributor

    I have with the latest release. Suggestion was to try with previous release, but I've been too lazy to do that and have just been using file browsing.
  13. Marleybob217
    Oh right, should've mentioned this as well. I also am unable to browse the files on the sd card. Everything works fine on the stock OS though.
  14. headwhacker
    I just updated the 1st page to include the source code.
  15. Aikanaro
    +1! thank you for the release and support so far
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