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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. Bazirker
    I don't need anything as much as, say, the Panasonic HJE900, but at least as much as the (not known for being punchy) Atrios.
  2. Poetik
    Never heard the HJE900 but I've heard the atrios.  There is a mid bass boost to the Merlin so you don't have to worry about it being completely just sub bass.  The overall sound signature is pretty much V shaped.
  3. acesea
    Is their any active UM group buy? I can't find any threads about it other than the older UM Global Deal Lucky 25. Thanks.
  4. Bazirker
    I'm wondering the same.
  5. Poetik
    I don't think there is currently one but I honestly wouldn't mind setting up another group buy for them if they wanted.  I see it as a win / win for them since all they have to do is sit back and enjoy the sales =)  Maybe if there is enough interest, I'll PM Matt and see if he's willing to let me set another one up.
  6. toads
    FWIW, the NA holiday GB didn't hit the 20 required, let alone the 30 for the 20% discount...
    however, props to Stephen for letting the 20 min requirement slide as he gave those that signed up the 15% discount anyways....
  7. Poetik
    Well just as I did before, I'd do my best to make sure everyone got the maximum discount.  That includes doing the legwork to gather enough people to get the maximum discount possible.
  8. acesea
    Is the Merlin expected to offer more refined trebs than the announced Triple Dynamic?
  9. Poetik
    I don't think anyone really knows what the triple dynamic is gonna sound like.  The only thing for certain is that it isn't replacing the current top tier models as that's not what it's made for.
  10. project86 Contributor
    What Poetik said.
    This new dynamic thing is sort of replacing the Marvel and Aero at the same time. Those two were never all that popular from what I could tell, so this new model will replace both (which have already disappeared from the website). 
  11. GoodenoughLa
    I've got a question, there is a opening on some of CIEM's faceplate. What can it do?
  12. DeepGroove
    I assume you're referring to the 3DD and the Merlin, the opening is a vent allowing the air pumped by the dynamic drivers to circulate though the IEM.
    I understand the 3DD's vent is adjustable which will presumably modulate the sound signature.
    Sign-up to their newletter, UM will offer the 3DD at an attractive price for pre-orders this week. Still no info yet on the sound sig though :frowning2:
  13. GoodenoughLa
    The 3DD is really interesting. I prefer the dynamic sound better than the balanced armature. 
    As a bass head, three dynamic CIEM is really attract me.
    The official website said that the 3DD's price will between $640 to $800.
    Currently starting at $600 is really attractive.
    I would like to order one[​IMG]
  14. DuxR
    Is there a comparison between the Merlin and the Heir audio 4.a available anywhere, or does anyone here have both? I am currently looking at one of these two for my first pair of CIEMs, but the only comparisons I can find are between the Merlin and the 8.a, which isn't very useful since they are substantially different in price and my budget will only stretch to the 4.a.
  15. maguire
    I think Project 86 may have a comparison with the 4.a not sure exactly, could have been the 6.a?
    But they are totally different sound Sig's. 4.a V Merlin
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