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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. project86 Contributor
    I'd stay away from the Heir products at the moment, until such time as Heir proves themselves capable post-Wizerd-departure. The 4.A is a far more neutral sounding CIEM than the Merlin though.... significantly less bass, less crispness and snap in the upper mids.
  2. Bazirker
    Does anyone have problems with channel imbalance with their Merlins?
  3. Craigster75
    Apologies if this has been discussed already as I am new to this thread.
    Are custom molds available yet in the US?
    Am I understanding correctly there is a universal fit and custom fit Merlin?  Any differences in sound?  How is the seal and fit of the universals?  Would Comply tips provide the best fit?
    Thanks in advance.
  4. Mython Contributor
    As I understand it, UM are extremely reluctant to supply Universal fit versions to end-users.
  5. Bazirker
    I believe there is discussion of the UM 3DD (or whatever it's called) being offered in both universal and custom, but the Merlin is custom only.
  6. Mython Contributor
    Oh, yes, sorry, I did forget about the 3DD.
    I was remarking about the tip-tier UM IEMs - Merlin, Miracle etc.
    Cheers for correcting me
  7. DeepGroove
    For those interested in the Merlin but unsure whether the sound signature would suit them,  I would recommend to listen to the Sennheiser HD-650.
    I find that they share a very similar presentation: deep extended bass, clear mids, sparkly but non agressive treble, and and overall laidback presentation. The HD-650 have a bit more clarity in the mid-range but sound drier and a bit soulless. The Merlin are more mellow and engaging. Anyway giving the HD-650 a try at your local shop is a good idea.
  8. jonyoo
    Yes! This is the thread I was looking for. Subscribed.
  9. White Lotus
    I'm buying mine second hand and getting it re-shelled - 
    bad idea?
    Also, I love bass, so I'm told this is the IEM to get.
  10. Mython Contributor
    No, re-shelling should be fine. It's quite accepted practice, as long as you buy it from someone who you have reason to trust.
    UM also do an excellent job with re-shelling.
    The end result should be absolutely indistinguishable from brand new
  11. White Lotus
    Got it today! Woohoo! Shame our ears aren't the same size/shape.
    So, any chance of getting this re-shelled into a universal fit? Is that a crazy/bad idea?
  12. djvkool
    Welcome to the club mate [​IMG] this is currently my fave by far...
    If you want to re-shell to universal, you will get a similar shape mold to the 3X, if that fits you well, then you will have no problem whatsoever...
    Bass is great, though impact and depth still trails behind the 3X - but texture, resolution, and details of the bass is just awesome, put simply, the best bass without having the greatest of impact
  13. White Lotus
    Funny seeing you here, mate!
    Oh, how I miss the bass of the 3X. Bass that you exactly would want in hybrid.
  14. djvkool
    Yeah I am a proud owner of universal Merlin, the original universal mold, I bought svyr's (been eyeing that for a long time [​IMG]) - this universal mold just like CIEM to me, fits and seal perfectly, and oh so comfortable 
    Yeah haha I miss the 3X too, been without it for a month, hopefully I should have it back within 2-3 weeks
  15. White Lotus
    Just heard back from Stephen Guo, he said he can remould my Merlin into a universal fit for $249..
    Won't lie, I'm a little tempted! 
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