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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. Personnel Jezuz
    Ahh that might explain the difference in sound moving from different sources and amps...apart from resolution and clarity of course. Going to have a few tests now and see what I find. Thanks for the advice Project!
  2. Cotnijoe
    hey guys! im rly interested in getting the Merlins as they seem amazingggg...but just how much bass does it have? I do like a little bit of bass boost but too much rly doesnt work with me. How would the bass compare to the likes of V-Moda M80 or AKG K550 or stuff like that?
  3. piotrus-g
    I just recieved my testing pair of AKG K3003 and I think with bass filters it sound really close to UM Merlin.
  4. Emospence
    The dynamic driver is tuned specifically for the lows?
  5. Sorensiim
    Uhm... yeah, that's its purpose. Dual BA's for higs, dual BA's for the mids and the dynamic driver handles the lows.
  6. Emospence
    I see.. 
    How about the Aurisonics AS2s, any Merlin users have heard those as well?
  7. Emospence
    Are these phones vented or sealed?
  8. ValentinHogea
    Vented... But the vent is not linked to the inner-ear, therefore no big difference on the seal/noise isolation.
  9. 88King
    One of my iem have a developed a small hole lately, there was a crack when I fist got it, and it since got worse and I can now see the driver through the hole. Does any one know if there is a easy way to fix this without sending it back to UM Lab?
    P.S. The area around the conector have developed a milky colour,  does anyone know why?
    Many thanks

  10. ValentinHogea
    That looks nasty!
    You should really contact Unique Melody, moisture might have gotten in and started to corrode the drivers. It's still under warranty so.. contact them!
    (If you wanna be "cheap", I think clear epoxy-mould should cover it up just fine.)
  11. maguire
    I would definately contact UM.......
  12. UniqueMelodyAus
    Yep, I would definitely contact UM too...
    Drop us an email with your UMG order ID...that needs to be fixed asap.
  13. PsychoBananas
    Just got my Merlins back. Fourth time. Quite happy this time. All I can say is get a deep impression and ask for longer canals, they were so short they could have been universals.. Finally satisfied. 1 year after original shipping date.
  14. Wobble
    Hey i finally just shipped off the Merlins i bought from DannyBai today for a reshell. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a good amp to better the listening experience when pairing these with an iPhone 4S? Or is that even necessary? 
  15. Personnel Jezuz
    Personally, I get just as much satisfaction from my iPhone 4 as I do with my home rig for my merlin's. If you're out and about, I see no benefit in the extra bulk at all and the iphone4/4s is a pretty competent source too. I use my merlin's as part of my main desktop rig and portable rig i.e. I was sick of tired of big headphones and carrying around lumpy amps. 
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