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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. wahu
    Showing off all that extra room hey? I have to say I'm warming up to my red box. He's a bit crooked and squeaky but he works nicely as a box. The new case I have is like an inverted tardis.
  2. kckc
    It'd be great it UM can redesign the box/carrying case again from scratch so that this time the case can actually be used without being too big or too small. Making it look good is nice and all, but I'd take usability over aesthetics. 
  3. wahu
    Yeh I agree. Boxes probably predate the wheel but somehow this piece of technology remains difficult for UM to master.
  4. Rainman26
    I think UM should just widen the case itself for custom cables and extra space for the customs.
  5. kckc
    I doubt they're going to make any adjustments to their new packaging any time soon, but that would be nice. 
  6. maguire
    Oh well there is always room for improvement....but those Pelican / Otter Box are great for on the go...... so maybe they can do that?
    I really like the Westone one with the dessicant tablet in the middle.
  7. wahu
    I think almost every other custom comes with a pelican/otter style box. UM seem reluctant to jump on board.
  8. Stephen Guo
    I had a good time laughing while reading through the past dozen of posts regarding the packages. Especially the part about the useless crystal cube. I had no idea why it is there, but hey, it helps you to keep your papers down if it's windy in your room!
    It's sad that they didn't let me participate in the re-designing of those new packages. 
    And yes, the lab is reluctant to join the pelican boat, but I believe if you really need a case, it's not a big investment to get a pelican box. It's just a little more trouble I guess. Western customers care more about the functionality of packages while the Easterners care how "grand" the packaging looks, hence the birth of the big red box. 
  9. wahu
    LOL. I ranted on there about the packaging but at the end of the day the quality of the case is of little concern. You're right it's pretty easy to find other cases to use out there. I keep picturing the poor guy at UMLab trying to get everyones customs in their cases when the customers probably won't even bother to use them. The case is probably more inconvenient for you guys than for us.
  10. ValentinHogea
    As I wrote in the thread for La Figaro 339...
    Generally considered the best amp there is for Sennheiser HD650...
    My Merlins still sound better than LA339 + HD650...
    For those who believe that CIEMs can't offer the full "headphone experience"
    (The Merlins sound phenomenal out of the LA339, even though it's made for 32 to 600 Ohm headphones)
  11. Personnel Jezuz
    Sounds epic! ^
    So what portable amps are you all using for your Merlin on the go/at home? I'm using a head stage arrow but the interference that it picks up when my phone's nearby is REALLY annoying....the volume pot and imbalance that results isn't ideal too. Any pico slim users or RSA users in here. I need a recommendation please!
  12. project86 Contributor
    I'm digging the Leckerton UHA-6S MKII. They also make a UHA-4 which is more of a "slim" format, and is also highly regarded. 
  13. ValentinHogea
    Yeah... My HD650's are for sale now. Buying a pair of LCD-2 (995$ ouch...).
    I used to use the Leckerton Audio UHA-4. But I've decided to sell my portable rig (iPhone + UHA-4 + LOD). I'm going to settle for the headphone out from my Sony Xperia S (which is good enough). I can't justify carrying an extra phone+amp around. I mostly sit by the desktop rig and I want my UM's to be truly portable (even at the gym etc...)
    If you're interested gimme a PM...
  14. Personnel Jezuz
    Thanks guys. The Leckerton's which I've seen are just too big for my portable needs but I'm sure they are well loved for a reason sound wise. Coming form the arrow I'd like something similar or smaller tbh. Any Shadow/pico slim users with the Merlin around? I have even considered the ALO family too..
  15. project86 Contributor
    That makes sense. Small size is sometimes really important.
    The only thing I will recommend is that you be sure to watch the output impedance. The Merlin dips rather low at certain frequencies, and if you are using an amp with a 5 or 10 ohm output impedance (for example) that is likely to cause some changes in the frequency response. So whatever amp you choose, you really want a 1 ohm or lower impedance if at all possible, to ensure you get the proper response as intended by UM. This applies to headphone amps in general but it's especially critical with the Merlin. 
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