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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. ValentinHogea
    Sorry guys (and gals). I had the whole setup ready just to find that my dSLR 32 GB SD-card was not in the camera, and thus M.I.A.
  2. Cassadian
    Aw.  So now what?
  3. ValentinHogea
    I'm going to go berserk on my former room-mate...
    Sorry to disappoint you guys, but "crappy" mobile phone-pics (with all due respect to the kind poster that uplodaded them) have already been uploaded, so me adding additional ones can hardly add anything to solve the current "problem".
  4. artist777
    Excellent review! Very intrigued buy them
  5. RaybanM
    OK thats it then.....
    My final choice is made:
    Out go the SE350 upgrades to Quads, In comes a custom Merlin with as much silver as I can throw at the deign.
    Excellent Review.. thank you.  A man of my calibre must have Bass...
    Going to pair this baby up with an Arrow Headstage 4G .. hold tight...
    eke2k6 likes this.
  6. 88King
    I think if you want bass, the Merlin is a very good choice.
    I had my for 2 weeks now and the Merlin (or my ears) have open up, the bass is really powerful on the Merlin while still maintain tight/precise control of delivery and does not interfere with mid and high frequencies most of the times.
    Couple of examples:
    Gone till November by Wyclef, the Merlin produces similar experience of ground shaking effect of a sub woofer.
    The sharp drum beats at the beginning of Peace on Earth by Meat Loaf nearly scared me out my skin the 1st time, sound like someone fired a pistol next to my ears.
    RaybanM likes this.
  7. maguire
    The Merlin has now become my favourite CIEM especially after pairing it with Silver Cable........Simply Outstanding.
  8. maguire
    Like I have previously stated before The Merlin Needs Time to really shine & settle.
    Then once again stating...... twice for emphasis, you have to get silver cable on this this guy and he just gets even better again.[​IMG]
  9. wahu
    You have both the miracle and the merlin too don't you? Merlin is my favourite too but I can't explain why. Which cable did you buy?
  10. ValentinHogea
    Better late than never...
  11. Lidster
    Very nice indeed! What cable is that?
  12. Cassadian
    Depends.  The one with two colors is the TWcu/TWag hybrid cable offered by Whiplash Audio as is the TWag cable in the second set of the pictures.
    And nice pictures!  A little late though...  [​IMG]
  13. kckc
    Great pictures! 
    Does the TWag fit in the case too along with the customs? I'm trying to get an idea of how big the case is.
  14. wahu
    I doubt it considering I have quite a bit of trouble even getting the standard cable in there. I think they need to enlarge the big drawer and make the other side smaller. Or ditch the other little drawer altogether and have only one big one.
  15. kckc

    I wasn't even aware that there is a big and small drawer. Is the small drawer supposed to be for the cable then? 
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