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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. Poetik
    I did but I had to send my Miracles back to China which should be coming by the end of next week.  All I have right now as my Merlins and they sound pretty good but I remember the Miracles being technically better.  I honestly can't wait to have them both in my hands, or ears, to compare them both.
  2. DannyBai
    Cool.  I patiently wait for your impressions.  
  3. maguire
    Wow there are quite a few of us now that have both Miracle  & Merlin Customs........I love both of them for different reasons but,  don't they just compliment each other so well......
    The Merlins are the go to when im listening to a Live Recording, also really enjoying them as I got them back just the other week through my Cary xciter tube amp. I find Like the Miracle these things just love to upscale....they feel effortless and boy can they reach low......
  4. piotrus-g
    I just put special cream for IEMs on my Merlin. I love the effect. Isolation got better and now fit is ultimately flush.
  5. Samehada

    Where did you buy the IEM "lube" if i may ask , sounds rather weird
  6. piotrus-g
    this particular one is pretty much unavailable to the market. However I believe you could use something like Westone http://www.westonemusicproducts.com/store/index.php/westone-music-products/accessories/oto-ease-single-bottle.html
  7. ValentinHogea
    Received my Merlins a couple of days ago. Exactly 9 weeks from ordering.
    Great finish, stunningly beautiful. Perfect fit! I can do everything and no loss of seal. Lie down, eat food, work out etc..
    Impressions compared to Senn IE8. "Real" bass... Not bloated midbass. Wider and higher soundstage (still prefer to use Cross-feed though). Accurate and fast. Quick decay, no lingering of tones. Mids and treble are crisp but not "sibilant". I can listen to much higher volumes (which I don't) without percieved distortion.
    More impressions coming up and pictures.
    Another note: New (?) box, with amongst other a new carrying-box (almost identical to IE8's but larger).
  8. Cassadian
    What do you mean? You Merlins came with a carrying case?  This is unusual.  Can you give pictures and state your location?
  9. ValentinHogea
    I can't take pictures now, at my parents celebrating swedish "mid-summer". Will post pics tomorrow when I get back home.
    The Merlins came in a stylish cardboard box (with the new color design for each, the Merlins being green with "Boom Boom Wow" as the slogan).
    In the box there was foam with laser cut places for:
    1) A "titanium/black plastic"-carrying case VERY similar (if not exactly the same manufacturer as Sennheiser for their IE8's)
    2) A piece of 6x6x6 cm of glass with the Unique Melody-logotype "floating" in the center
    3) The certificate of warranty (a piece of metal with serial no and manufacturing date)
    in addition:
    -) A small pampflet with the "2012 lineup"
    -) A larger poster with tips and tricks for using the CIEMs
    -) A frequency chart
  10. wahu
    Yeh they said something to me in an email about new packaging. Pics please.. I'll see for myself on monday when my iems are due to arrive but i can't wait till then.
  11. kckc
    Glad you were able to get a perfect fit the first time around. 
    I too would like to see some pictures of the new packaging. 
  12. ValentinHogea
    Will update the thread in 10-12 h, when I get home. Gotta bring out the studio flashes to give the stuff some class.
    And, yeah... So happy 'bout the fit. Luckily since I'm a MD, I spoke with a fellow professor specialized in audiology that made my impressions... I think it must have contributed greatly to the perfect fit. :wink:
  13. Cassadian
    Could you PM me some of the details that he told you that contributed to the improved impressions?
  14. ValentinHogea
    I can write them out here in the open, if anyone else is interested..
    Firstly, he used an ear microscope to insert double cotton balls (with a thread) in each ear as close to the ear drum as possible.
    Secondly, whilst I was biting on folded paper aprox 1/2-3/4 " thick he injected the mold "aggressively" (without being afraid of leakage past the double cotton balls) thus the iotmpression material easily "expanded" to the full size of the ear canal, not just "mildly" touching. I find it hard to explain in words better than that.
    Thirdly, no movement whatsoever whilst the impression material hardened. No neck moves, no jaw movs, no nothing.
    So I think the key is perfect deep isolation with cotton thus allowing a "fuller" impression.
  15. Cassadian
    Now all I await are the photos.
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