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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. NWLierly
    Better hardware doesn't equal a better experience
  2. acygni
    That may be. I have heard ppl complained about it may not be come with all the in app features like indepth eq that the es100's app has. But plug-and-play wise the es9128 should give better performance. Also native dsd decode, etc.
  3. subwoof3r
    me neither :thumbsup:
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  4. dacari
    Thank you very much. This morning it seems the phone can detect it, and pair well. Thanks.

    UPDATE: I had the reinstall the firmware, my phone was unable to recognize it, I tried a reset without succes, after reflashing the firmware now it works properly.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
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  5. megabigeye
    Hi all,
    People really seem to sing this li'l guy's praises and say it's great "for the price," but that makes me want to know how good and does it punch above its weight. I'm wondering if anybody has compared this to any more expensive portable DAC/amps? Specifically, I'm interested in how it fairs against the DragonFly Red, original FiiO X5, FiiO Q5/Q5S, Topping NX4 DSD... but I'd also be interested to know how it fairs against other "better" DAC/amps, too. The more specific the comparison, the better!
    Or do you know of any reviews with similar comparisons? Most that I've found only compare it to similarly priced items.

  6. vurtomatic
    Is there a fix for the app not seeing ES100 even though it's paired to the phone and working normally?
  7. rkw
    Do you mean Device Search doesn't find it? Tap the square Radsone icon at top left, then Device Search in the menu.
    The app connection is separate (on Bluetooth Low Energy) from the streaming audio connection. It should normally reconnect automatically but a few times I've had to connect manually.
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  8. Grayven
    this started happening to me a while ago...got progressively worse until the unit stopped functioning.
    i contacted Radsone, and they sent me a code for a new unit from Amazon.
    i have the new one and it doesnt do this..yet. but i am a bit skeptical about the reliability of the thing now.
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  9. scotvl
    Don't be, every device has failures and they took care of you unlike many "name brands" would.
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  10. Grayven
    dont get me wrong..Radsone is great.
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  11. scotvl
    Sorry if I implied that but I didn't want to jinx myself by saying that I've used mine for hours a day in a factory and at home for over a year without any problems and so have a few friends and coworkers.
  12. vurtomatic
    Yes, even doing it manually as you suggested. The app tells me it can't connect. I get a failed to connect message that also says app connection is different from Bluetooth audio connection.

    However the app recognizes the ES100 when it's plugged in for charging.
  13. Jearly410
    The updated buttons are a nice change. They stick out a little more making it easier to blindly press the correct one.
  14. rkw
    Try resetting the Bluetooth pairing. Unpair the ES100 and pair it again.
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  15. BuckyOH
    Question, can you stream from your phone to the es and then stream from the es to another device like my car or bluetooth headphones?
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