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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. serwei
    There's the new fiio btr5 coming soon.
    I'm also wishing someone would invent a TWS pair of 3.5mm inputs :D just like the ATH accessory
  2. peter123
    Yeah, there's also the Qudelix-5K coming in a few months. The competition is definitely getting harder....
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  3. Slater
  4. serwei
  5. Marco Angel
    Interesting, any date of release of this 5K?
  6. peter123
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  7. Alphasoixante
    I'm thinking of using the es100 as a USB DAC and connecting it to a headphone amp (such as the Schiit Vali) to have more available power. I would imagine that I would just need a 3.5mm to RCA cable. Is there any reason why this wouldn't work?
  8. peter123
    That will work fine. You'd need some quite power-hungry headphones to get any advantage from it though.
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  9. Alphasoixante
    According the the ES100 product page, the power from each of the 2 jacks are:
    • 3.5mm Unbalanced: 1.1Vp @ 16Ohm
    • 2.5mm Balanced: 2.2 Vp @ 16Ohm
    I don't know what Vp stands for or how it compares to W or mW. Do you happen to know what the ES100's output is, measured in mW?
  10. motor2110
    3.5mm Unbalanced: 1.1Vp @ 16Ohm 75,6mW
    2.5mm Balanced: 2.2 Vp @ 16Ohm 302,5mW

    R = U / I
    P = R * I 2
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2019
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  11. Ski22
    Does the Earstudio ES100 support bluetooth transmission at all?
  12. Mouseman
    No. It is a receiver.
  13. SpartyJoe
    I just got an ES100. I’m able to connect it by Bluetooth to my iPhone 8 Plus and hear music through connected headphones, but i can’t get the companion app to connect to the ES100. It finds the ES100 when you search for the device but then it says device connecting and just keeps spinning. I’ve tried power on/off, repairing Bluetooth, everything i can think of.

    Anyone else run into this??
  14. Broquen
    Have you updated firmware recently? Maybe trying to uninstall and installing again... Android user BTW
  15. progdvd
    I apologize if it posted here earlier I just found this thread.
    Does anyone know will there be new version on ES100 soon? I might be interested to buy it. At the monent I'm using very efficient phones (and the ones I'm gonna buy soon) so my $500 Ifi xdsd is a bit overkill and actually not needed anymore. And recently I'm using it through BT anyways (Fiio BTR3 is not for me)
    So xdsd and btr3 are going on sale in order to make room (funds) for ES100 or its successor.
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