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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. subwoof3r
    Just to know, when did you purchased your first unit? (approx)
  2. JasonCA
    If only software updates wouldn't break things life would be great today:angry:! Android 9 (or Android Pie) was 2 steps forward where things just worked. Now, Android 10 is 1 step backwards when it comes to the "Developer Options" for Bluetooth settings.

    On Android 9, I was able to select the various Playback Qualities for LDAC and you would hear the switch take place. Now under Android 10, I can't select "Optimized for Audio Quality". It reverts back to "Best Effort (Adaptive Bit Rate)" only!


    Additionally, it's soooooooo much more finicky to switch out of LDAC into other codec's like SBC or aptX :persevere:.

    Is anyone experiencing this issue on the newly released Android 10?

    The strange thing with Android 9 was that it would always default to "Best Effort (Adaptive Bit Rate)" as reported by others on here which I agree was annoying. You'd thereafter always have to select "Optimized for Audio Quality" every time you turned on the ES100. Could it be that "Optimized for Audio Quality" never kicked in despite the ability to select it under Android 9?

    Either way, Android 10 is much more finicky. For example, under some circumstances selecting aptX reverts back to SBC. A lot of the selections just don't take hold like they used to. Or, so that's my perception in playing around with it today.

    It's a mess now:confounded:!
  3. dacari
    In my case it was unable to get paired, I ended to reflahsing the firmware, now it works properly.
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  4. vurtomatic
    I'll have to try that. Unfortunately resetting the ES100 and also removing the Bluetooth pairing didn't work.
  5. Grayven
    year ago-ish.
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  6. zolom
    Regarding a new ES100 battery. What should be the standby time (powered on, connected via bt to the phone, but no music playing, also connected to ~20 ohm iems), from 100% to ~0% ?

    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
  7. rkw
    No. The ES100 is only a Bluetooth receiver, not transmitter.
  8. rkw
    Try turning off LDAC for the ES100 in the phone's regular Bluetooth settings (not in Developer Options).
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
  9. WilliamLeonhart
    I have not tried most of the devices you mentioned but the ES100 does share some similarity with the DragonFly Black. Both have very "accessible" sound as opposed to the neutral soundsig typically found on "reference wannabe" devices. The background could be cleaner though.
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  10. megabigeye
    Thanks! That helps! I haven't heard the Black myself, but there are so many impressions of it out there that I feel like I have a handle on its sound. My last DAC/amp was the DFR, which I enjoyed quite a bit, till it broke.

    Anybody else with comparisons?
  11. maniac2003
    Yes, happens to me too!
  12. peter123
    I don't understand what you're looking for but for $99 I'd choose ES100 for Bluetooth and the E1DA ES9038S for USB connection if that helps.
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  13. megabigeye
    Thanks. Basically, I'm exploring options for a new portable DAC/amp for use with my Galaxy S9; I used to use the DFR (until it broke), and I'd be pretty happy to get it again, but there are a few things it doesn't quite get right (mostly ergonomics). The ES100 is the least expensive of the options I'm thinking about, so I'm starting here. I've seen a lot of claims that the ES100 is sonically very good for the price, but I wanted to know how it compares to higher-end portables— basically, does it actually punch above it's class. I'm curious about Bluetooth because I've never tried it, it seems like it could be convenient, but I'm not married to the idea. It also has a great feature set that's not matched by any of the more expensive options, and that's really appealing.
    I've heard of the E1DA, but I thought it wasn't good for mobile use since it draws so much power, so I wasn't really considering it. Maybe I'll have another look.
  14. peter123
    You're right the E1DA ES9038S is not ideal for portable use (neither is the Dragonfly imo). The next batxh of 9038S will have IEM's mode and soft start so if you're comfortable with a device attached to your phone when out and about it might be an option.

    Personally I like to have my phone free for other purposes so a device like the ES100 is a great solution for me. Especially since I feel that its sound quality is more than good enough to be enjoyable both on the move and in the office. I haven't done a proper comparison with other amp/dac because I don't see the point given their different areas of usage (at least to me). I do have a quite large collection of amp/dac's that could probably be considered portable (you can see them in my profile if it's of interest) and like I said I don't feel that I make much of a compromise in sq to gain a lot in convenience when using the ES100 if that makes sense.
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  15. waynes world
    Well said.
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