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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
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  1. starcraft2
    Love the gears but I have a doubt. Some guys have ipods with just one device added. Others have two devices. I understand that in the first case it is an amp connect with a LOD. But in the second case what configuration is it? Ipod+LOD+ Amp+ what?
  2. mpawluk91
    A dac but most of them you can't connect to an ipod because the ipod only does analog out
  3. RoMee Contributor
    They sound great! I put them right up there with the M100 and MDR-1R.
  4. LFC_SL
    iDevice dac pulling digital signal out under MFI programme. Of which there are hundreds of threads so happy reading
  5. vincent215
    Top (right to left) AK120 / HiFiMan 901 / iBasso R10
    Bottom (left to right) Vision Ears / 1964 Ears / JH Audio / UM
    I wish it's mine. Pics from a local shop showing their IEM Demo.
  6. Mimouille
    order on the bottom is more likely JH, 1964, UM and Vision Ears. which iem sounds best?
  7. kimvictor
    Hell of a set up. Too bad it's not yours.
  8. rudi0504

    I have two dap :

    AK 120
    HDP R10
    HM 901 still on my wish list

    Ans 2 Ciems :
    Jh 16 pro
    Um Miracle
    The other two brand I haven't heard them
  9. mpawluk91
    I just got the Yamaha pro 400 and man am I impressed!
    Supposedly it's known to have a somewhat weak sub bass but I don't know what people are smoking because it has more bass than my ue 6000


    Here's some of my other gear as well
  10. PeterCheng

    Newbie :p my one and only rig
    ipod touch 4 with all alac files-> fiio e5 -> fiio L10-> pfe 112 grey filters, bass light but sooo accurate to my ears xD
  11. bunchi99

    My only rig and life-saver in office on a Saturday!:blush:
  12. DMinor
    My DIYimod Limited Edition. This thing not just looks good.
  13. PeterCheng

    Wow that classic looks nice :p good job mate ^_^
  14. mpawluk91
    How do you make it look like that? I've seen a few. Is there a place that sells clear front and back plates?
  15. Rebkos
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