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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
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  1. DMinor
    The clear front is sold per last post. That is supposedly the look if you use everything with that kit but I wanted to do something different.
    The back plate is still the metal one no change.
  2. asdafaasda
    My setup arrived this week, but I think that I will be moving back into desktop audio, since I find myself being at my desk listening more than on the move.

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  3. miceblue
    Woah! Those look totally awesome!
    Perhaps I'll get a second iPod 5 or 5.5G and mod it like that. Or maybe have the iMod installed. I'm not 100% sure what that does though.
    My dad was just looking over my shoulder and he was like "Woaaaaaaaaah is that a clear case??? That's really cool!"
  4. DMinor
    Thanks. If you don't diymod anything like soldering wires, it's not that difficult to install one yourself. The seller of the clear front has a video showing how this is installed. Just make sure to watch that video if you install it yourself.
    Here is my on-the-go pocket iPod (with the thin back plate). I used the left-over from that kit on this one. It wasn't a clean stripping for the ribbon from the wheel as you can see it from the pic. Anyways I didn't use the 3M double-side sticker either. I simply put some hot glues in those four holes and it holds the clear wheel great.
  5. RUMAY408
    DMinor I'm so glad you're back on here and the photo thread.  I felt like Rockboxing my iPod was pretty radical for me, but you take the DIY iPod mod to another level.
  6. DMinor
    Thanks. For me modding these ipods is now a hobby for fun, as I am collecting and use these ipods as my music library. I no longer back up to portable drives instead I back up to these ipods. A 128GB SSD (CF or SDXC + adapter) now costs only 100 bucks or a little bit more. I consider that affordable for all my ipods. Then you have the best UI and rockbox. That wolfson chip is no joke, and with a direct-out bypass, the dedicated caps and LOD what I don't have enough is the time to listen to my music. [​IMG]
  7. spkrs01
    The SE5 and DX50
    A good sounding and very portable rig for me.......
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  8. Mooses9
    Very nice
  9. rudi0504
    I want share how to handle with care your Brass body from Ko Jo KM - 01 amp :

    Note : solid dye CNC brass is very fast oxidise

    To pretend fast oxidise process , please do as follow

    1. Every time you change the battery , please clean up your finger print with lens cloth or
    Eye wear cloth .
    Finger print is oily can fasten oxidise process.
    2. Wrape the whole body with lens / eye wear cloth like my picture above
    3. Wrape with anti slip mate and use rubber to tighten the wrapping units

    Enjoy your longer shining your brass body like Ko Jo Amp





  10. rudi0504
    For critical listening my TH 900

    Source : normally CD player Stello CDA 500 by my friend
    Use AK 120
    Dac : portable dac IBasso DB 2 mod
    Amp : T + A tube pre amp P 10.2 Germany
    Headphone : Fostex TH 900

    SQ : heavenly sound quality with CD player and external dac

  11. Marleybob217
    Very nice!
    How does this setup hold compared to higher end stacks? If you have ever used any stacks that is ^.^
  12. rudi0504

    Congrats Gavin For Your new DAP DX 50

    How is the SQ compare to AK 100 at the same price range
  13. Hobgoblinpie
    DX50 -> Fiio E12 -> AKG K550
    Cowon J3 -> Fiio E11 -> Audio Technica ATH-ES55
  14. SkyBleu

    That J3 looks really big in that picture! Nice DX50 rig btw.
  15. Hobgoblinpie
    Yeah the J3 is around 5mm longer, but nearly half as thick (J3 and DX50 are around the same width). With the case on the J3 is around 7mm longer and only 2mm thinner than the DX50. But this is pretty good, considering how powerful the DX50s amp is.
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