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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
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  1. Emospence
    Charizard looks mint.
  2. CosmicHolyGhost
    Nice rig! If you add DB2 using Optical in and then balance out to intruder so to achieve end to end balance , you will turn your setup to become a powerhouse! It seems your bag can fit one more device... [​IMG]
  3. rudi0504

    I am agree with you
    DB 2 make the SQ to the next level
    Like my pictures in previous page
    AK 120 > dB2 use optical > Ko Jo KM - 01 use single ended
    If i use balance amp like Intruder sound more powerful :D
  4. CosmicHolyGhost

    Today I purchased a pair of FitEar 334, second entry to my FitEar collection... I hope I can move to CIEM soon... Even though the balance card 901 has plenty of juice for 334, it is not fun without the amp when playing with the new toy.... [​IMG]
  5. SkyBleu

    What on earth is going on there with that super long jack?!
  6. CosmicHolyGhost
    4pin bal to 3.5mm SE adapter.. Too lazy to change cable, sorry LoL
  7. psion84

    Wow,I'm sure it would!:) when I financially can afford one I'm sure to give full balanced a try with the DB2.nonetheless,I'm impressed with the 4r balanced as it is.:) intruder is simply amazing.
  8. SkyBleu

    Oh, haha. Had me worried there, thinking it was just a 3.5mm to 3.5mm! :D
  9. angelsblood
    that is awesome! i'm about to bring my stack portable gear to my long plane journey. i wonder, have you or anyone else ever brought your stack portable gear to planes? how's the experience passing airport security with these suspicious looking devices? XD
  10. IceClass

    I travel quite a bit and really don't have many hassles.
    Basically, my carry-on bag containing the rig ALWAYS gets scanned a second time and sometimes a manager is quietly called over but this is very rare and has always resulted in my rig being identified for what it is and passed through.
    I get more interest from the stewards during the flight. They are trained to look for suspicious people and items. I make a point of putting my rig in plain view on the pull down table. This way, if my rig can look a little intimidating, at least it doesn't look like I'm hiding anything.
  11. RoMee Contributor
    My always changing rig.
    Simple, clean, and pocketable.
  12. IceClass
  13. rudi0504

    Congrats fit Your new Fit Ear 334
    How is pairing with HM 901?
    About the clarity and bass impact ?
  14. CosmicHolyGhost
    I am still trying to get used to the fit, they are quite big for my ears... So far, I hear nothing I feel excited about  (maybe I played with ASG-2 and Parterre too much recently).. If I rate the bass impact, it is quite low..thats why I pair with amp to give some flavour..Clarity is very good and head room also big...
    I need more time to explore because I have not put a lot of vocal music into 901 yet.. This morning, I listened to Nina Simone and she sounded really good... but I think she sounds really good on whatever earphones.. LoL
    My portable ietm are now:
    1. Fitear Parterre - for classical symphony type music, free jazz, hardbop, live concerts
    2. Fitear TG334 - for vocal jazz, bebop, swing, chamber jazz or ECM type contemp classical
    3. ASG-2 - for walk around (without the need to carry expensive gear), ASG-2 + modded X3 = total winner when traveling
    4. Heir 5.0 - for long time listening at home while reading novels..
  15. miceblue
    Early build of another project from the anime thread. In its current state it's caseless....and battery-less since I didn't have a 9 V battery lying around....and the leads stick out all over the place like a skeleton's ribcage because I didn't have my zero-clearance cutters with me.
    It's not bad. I can't recall what my Tangentsoft CMoy sounds like since its potentiometer died a long time ago (soldering failure), but it has a nice warm sound to it and the soundstage is pretty natural-sounding (decent depth and width). I like its sound much more than out of the FiiO E12.
    Does anyone have any ideas of a case for this amp? I was thinking of the case used for the Pimeta, but then I realised I can't use that since this is a different PCB size.
    One of my professors has a 3D printer. I wonder......................[​IMG]
    Probably not since it's for non-academic purposes. >_<''
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