Pico Slim first impressions and reviews thread. See p31 onwards for a couple of solid reviews + pics + useful info.
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Jan 4, 2008
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I don't usually start threads, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling now that people have had their Slims shipped and I know I'll be receiving mine soon.

If you're posting impressions, it would help to know what DAP and cable you're using, as well as what music you listen to and roughly how loud, eg: low, medium or loud.

Updates: Links have been fixed.
HeadphoneAddict posted some comments on the prototype he heard some time ago.
vpivinylspinner was the first to receive his and take pics here. (Page 4) Size comparisons here too (page 5).
Walkgood followed up soon after with un-boxing and close-up pictures. (Page 5)
SoupRKnowva has compared his to the protector. See also his subsequent posts on that page.
cheemo has posted a short impression.
Oogabooga has posted quite comprehensive initial impressions.
June 9 Update:
Useful info/discussion about plugs and scratches starts from page 31. If you want the meat of the info, start from this page.
qusp posted a solid summary/review.  
Hotdoggie also posted a good review, including how he buffed out some scratches.
August 2: A couple of pictures:
Oyaide/FiiO L5 LOD, Whiplash TWAG LOD, Pico Slim, iPhone 3GS:

Slim/iPhone 3GS thickness comparison:

Slim/iPhone 4 comparison: (They are the same thickness):

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I was on the pre-order list for only a day and then decided to cancel.

congrats to all those who will receive their lovely slim soon and look forward to comments here in the thread. from the initial try outs it looks like you guys are all in for a treat.
good luck leaving your music and going to work next week! thats gotta be hard..
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I look forward to impressions as they come in, which would appear to start soon.

edit: I didn't think it would be missed. Sometimes I like to take up less room. :^)
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hahaha. looking forward to the first impressions of the final production versions of the amp while I wait for mine
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I'm psyched to be able to post here. I bought a Cowon i9 to pair with PS(Pico Slim). I plan to use my newest IEM purchase(Ortofon) to put this rig into action. All Black...is beautiful.I'll be using an EFN mini>mini. Will post pics.

"Can you guys just wait for impressions to be posted, instead of making this 50 pages of rambling before they ever start arriving?" - HA

Too late
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hehe Larry, not much chance of that with how excited people are about this amp. wont be anything like the JH13 thread tho as it was only started as the first units were shipping. its probably best if people wait till you have an amp top appreciate before starting a thread, but I can understand how and why it happened with the way the order thread was going.
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Since I've heard the demo unit too, and spent a couple of weeks with it at my home, I'll chime in until I get my own next week.

Like The Monkey says, the Slim is good. It's replacing my P-51 and T3 as my ultraportable amp for my 5G Nano. And it's a perfect match for my ES3X, UE11pro and Westone 2/3. My JH13Pro sound a little better out of the Protector in balanced mode which fills in the mids nicely, while they get a noticeable bump in bass with the Slim that wasn't always desirable, but sometimes welcome nevertheless. It's a very smooth and refined sounding portable, without any edge or grain, and good extension in the bass and treble. Soundstage is deeper than with my RSA amps, and it sounds a lot like the original Pico but with some added warmth and fullness in the sound that I thought was missing in the original.

PS: It doesn't drive my full size phones like my HD600 with authority, but that is not it's intended market either. It did well with my HF-2. I don't recall how it was with any others if I tried them.
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Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Like The Monkey says, the Slim is good.

Who knew that chimps were capable of critical listening?

I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist.

Anyway, if this unit offers an appreciable improvement over the standard Pico, that would really be something. I'm looking forward to seeing impressions.
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Originally Posted by Valens7 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Who knew that chimps were capable of critical listening?

I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist.

Capable of critical listening? Me? Likely not.

But I can say one thing: I think the Pico Slim is better than the Protector with the JH13--and not by a small margin.

EDIT: Also, I did not hear the same bass bump that HPA mentioned above with the Pico Slim. Anything but, in fact. The TTVJ Slim, now that has some bass bump. ymmv I guess.
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^ you think the slim is better than the protector with the jh-13? could you go into a bit more detail about why that is monkey?
i could wait and find out for myself since im in the first shipment for the slim, but nothing like some early impressions.
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I thought the JH13 sounded less focused out of the Protector. The Pico Slim provided more slam and better detail. The bass on the Protector sounded a bit tubby to me. To it's credit, I did not find the Protector shouty. The Slim just sounded more coherent to me. And the volume control is no contest.

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