1. Asr

    Three-Part Review: HeadAmp Pico & RSA Predator

    This is #6 (of 6) of my continued Loaner Program, for my very recently acquired HeadAmp Pico and RSA Predator. Of course everyone wants to know how these two units sound and how they compare to each other, right? Well, for the next month I'll let just 3 other people have at both of these so they...
  2. Asr

    Review: HeadAmp Pico w/ DAC

    Review: HeadAmp Pico w/ DAC portable headphone USB DAC/amp www.headamp.com retail price at press time: without optional DAC: $349 with DAC: $499 originally published: July 11, 2008 re-edited & updated: November 30, 2008 - download a printable 10-page PDF version of this review...
  3. Hiyono

    iPad mini + camera connection kit + Dac = : )

    I got an iPad mini today. Just letting people know that external dacs work like the iPad. So far works with my emm labs dac2 and leckerton uha-6s mk2. Doesn't work with nuforce HDP.
  4. youra6

    Pico DAC to Preamp to Amp

    Hi,   Long time (as in reeeeally long) time lurker. Never had to register because most of my questions were answered via search, but I have one that I couldn't really find anywhere else.   I'm thinking about getting a external DAC as my Titanium HD's EMS is just intolerable at higher...
  5. cheeq88

    The old vs the new $300-$400 "portable" usb dac options. Pico Dac vs HRT HS II+ and Dacport LX, any other options?

    There has been a lot of talk recently about the HRT Headstreamer II+ and Dacport LX as performing very well for portable USB DACs in their price range.    I was wondering if there has been a lot of progress that these have made from older dac's like the pico dac from a few years ago? I guess...
  6. ccfoodog

    List of DACs that work with iPad

      NOTICE:  Since the more recent OS upgrades allow most DACs to work*, I'm not planning on trying to keep this table updated.  However, there is still lots of good discussion continuing in the thread, so read on!   * Many of the DACs do require external power, so some people define "work"...
  7. nbaptista

    Wolfson 8740 chip

    I found out that  CA DacMagic and Rega Saturn use the same chip(Wolfson Dual Differential 8740 Dac ) .Is is not weird that an high end cd player and a budget Dac use the same chip?Anyone could me explain this?
  8. BlackWaterPark

    Buying Advice: MacBook Pro + USB DAC+ DarkVoice 336C => HD 650

    I need some expert advice, in getting a good home use (or portable) DAC; Something that would compliment DarkVoice 336 and HD 650. My setup is going to be MacBook Pro + USB DAC + DarkVoice 336C (not purchased yet).   I am looking to drive my HD 650 and Denon D2000. I must add that I do have...
  9. kiscyn

    Pico Slim never arrives. Justin no feedback. impossible to refund like a scam

    I placed an order on Googlecheckout on May 26th for a purple pico slim. The webpage says 4-week delay. But I don't get a word from Justin and even I called him I couldn't reach him. Voicemails don't work either.   I don't know how to get refund on googlecheckout. I feel hopeless and...
  10. Windsor

    USB DAC/Amp for HD 600 etc: RSA Predator, Nuforce HDP, Pico, Audio-gd FUN/NFB 12

    Hey guys,    I'm considering purchasing a new DAC/Amp.   I mainly listen to music either at my Mac laptop or on-the-go via my iPhone and I'm considering purchasing the Nuforce Icon HDP or RSA Predator, mainly for use with the Sennheiser HD 600, 650, and 25-I.   I currently have a...
  11. shipsupt

    Best practice with iPad and Pico Dac/Amp

    The pieces are coming together! I've got the camera connection kit for the iPad and a Pico Dac/Amp. Tested it and it sounds great. I was listening with an ipod classic earlier today and noticed a great improvement when switching to the digital out from the ipad. I've got a few questions... My...
  12. justin w.

    Pico Upsampling USB DAC: Weekend + Cyber Monday Sale (Nov 27-29 only)

    Save 20% on the Pico Upsampling USB DAC, this weekend + monday ONLY.  See the details on the front page of http://www.headamp.com  
  13. classicalnut

    Portable Amp / DAC newbie needs advice...

    Hi Everyone,   So I'm just getting started with the portable amp scene. I've always had a passion for good speakers and amps and I used to engineer local classical recordings so I'm generally familiar with good sound. Sadly, in the last couple of years, I've been unable to fully enjoy my...
  14. thisisfun

    Macbook to WA6SE

    Hi there,   I am an audio enthusiast looking to get some new gear.  Currently my setup is just my Macbook Pro and my Grado 325s.  I have been doing some research and plan on getting Woo's WA6-SE.  I've also got a pair of Grado PS1000s on the way.  My question is, has anyone gone from a...
  15. double07

    iPad + Cam Kit + Pico w/DAC + AKG701 = SWEET Sounding!!!

    I've heard people saying good thing with their setup with iPad and the ext DAC.  I finally picked up the Camera kit for my iPad. I am VERY please with the sound quality.  No need to bring my laptop any more.  The music also running in the background while doing some reading on iPad.  It can't...
  16. grif82

    Newbie: iBasso D10/Predator/Pico for Grado 325is

    These are my first pair of "real" cans. Debating on which portable amp to use with them. I mainly listen to music through a laptop, so a DAC is a must. Appreciate any help, thanks!
  17. Cometstar

    Options I have with the Pico DAC/AMP

    Hi, For what use can I put the pico DAC/AMP: I have a Macbook pro (as a source) and an iphone 3gs. (Also Shure SE530 IEMs) Of course I would like to get the best possible SQ with or without the headphones. Thanks
  18. moouers

    Buying new headphones, and thus my first amp/dac...

    Hello, since I'm new here I figure it's best to introduce myself. My name is John and I live in Oregon.   My current set up consists of nothing but Sennheiser HD-280 Pro's which I have been happily using for the last six years. I have finally decided it to be worth my while to buy a...
  19. chaosfayt

    Big big dilemma , shadow?mustang?predator?pico?

    Hey guys, sorry for all the comparison threads , but i really have no idea which amp to pick out of these 4, at the moment all i afford with my budget is pico amp only as the other 3. I'd like to hear the differences between the shadow, mustang and preddy. I've read every thread there...
  20. Sonic 748i

    Best looking portable amplifier.

    In your opinion what is the best looking portable amplifier you've seen? I have to give it to the ALO Rx: It just screams sexy!
  21. chaosfayt

    Mustang Vs Pico?

    Hey peeps, haha i have a mustang vs preddy topic below but i figure if i were to compare it to a new amp i might as well set up a new topic. Anyway, its been narrowed down to the mustang or the pico. Im using a rather sensitive IEM with a pretty balanced amount of each frequency, maybe...
  22. hackfree

    pico vs p51 vs shadow vs arrow

    judging from the sound quality (and not the looks) which one of pico,p51,shadow,arrow sound better with IEM's and full sized headphones? owners of 2 or more of these, can u tell us about differences? sound quality is very good in all these amps,however there are slight diffences in all...
  23. Bengkia369

    How long does the Original Pico need to burn-in???

    anyone knows??? can also share the difference in SQ during different stages of burning in, thanks?
  24. Currawong

    Pico Slim first impressions and reviews thread. See p31 onwards for a couple of solid reviews + pics + useful info.

    I don't usually start threads, but I thought I'd get the ball rolling now that people have had their Slims shipped and I know I'll be receiving mine soon. If you're posting impressions, it would help to know what DAP and cable you're using, as well as what music you listen to and roughly how...
  25. Bengkia369

    Some hiss with my Pico when I adjust the volume control...

    is this normal??? :(