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  7. walkman666

    DAP Questions [from head-fi vet but DAP newbie]

    Hi.  I am a long-time member with a fun collection of headphones, amps, DACs, but have been using an iPod (with Pico slim amp) as my portable source forever, and am interested in taking the plunge into a DAP.  I have read a lot, and have some narrowed down selections (iBasso DX90, AK100 ii). ...
  8. tracyca

    Head amp pico slim repair?

    Hello head fi, Ii am Reaching out because my beloved pico slim needs repairing and I don't know anyone who can repair it. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I already emailed head amp and no response. Again thank you in advance.
  9. 88records

    [Recommendations] Is there such a thing as hiss less portable amp?

    I was dead set on apex glacier until I noticed some users were getting a bit of hiss noise some louder then others and for someone who sometimes listens to songs at lower volumes or have moments when nothings playing it really bothers me to have hiss noise. So are there any portable amps that...
  10. L

    HeadAmp Pico Slim Sound Trouble

    I am currently experiencing problems with my pico slim. The sounds from the pico slim sounds odd. When I listen to songs, I can barely hear the artist's vocals. To be more precisely, to me the artist's vocals are very recessed and hard to hear. Does anyone know what the problem is or how I can...
  11. Jonasklam

    Amp with GSM interference resistance?

    Hi!   As the title says, are there any amps that resists GSM interference? I use my iPhone as my main portable souce, and I'm pretty annoyed by the GSM interference when using an amp.
  12. Ari33

    Portable amp... best bang for buck?

    I've been reading this section of the forum with great interest and want to buy my first portable amp. I had been considering the C&C BH or F1 but would also consider spending much more to get a really good amp that I'd hopefully never feel the need to upgrade from and that would save me money...
  13. Mheat122134

    Best portable headphone amplifier for ipod?

    Ipod classic to be exact one not too expensive.
  14. Kizatsu

    Would like some advice on choosing a portable amp. + DAC [single unit]

    Hello, everyone;   First and foremost, I'm quite new to Head-Fi. I had an old account - which I need someone to close; so if an admin./moderator can send me a PM on this account, I will send a PM to you, with the relevant information regarding the other account -, but had hardly posted in...
  15. sensui123

    Trying to enter portable Hifi

    Hi;      Now that I got my home desktop rig all setup, trying to revise my portable to go setups.  Planning to pick up one of the new Sony DAP with a LOD to use with an amp.  I primarily use IEMs on the go and own the Shure EC5, SE530, SE535, and the Westone 4R.  Which amp should I really be...
  16. Nicholasheadfi2

    Need dac/amp for shure 535

    Hey headfi people Just purchased the shure 535 and am running them on my iPhone 4s I am currently looking for a suitable amp/dac to improve the sound Quality ' don't get me wrong they sound amazing as they are but feel They are to bright as they are , they feel very loud overall on the highs...
  17. MrDowntempo

    Need advice for Headphone amp to pair with SE535s

    I've been reading a lot of amp comparisons and reviews here and elsewhere. I'm looking for an amp to pair with my Shure 535SE IEMs. A lot of the shoot offs group amps by budget under $100 or $200 or $300 and up. This makes it hard to find comaprisons of amps on opposite sides of the price...
  18. MRiNiCK

    Best Amp/Dac for portable..

    I only know a couple of them E7 which I have and im thinking of selling it to get a better one UHA-4 Pico Slim Headstage arrow any other dac/amp that are portable, where I can use it with my ipod touch and 1964 T.??
  19. zwitt

    I'm at a complete loss here guys

    I've been reading reviews for idk how long and I just can't seem to find a solid choice for a closed can I want something relatively neutral that isolates well And has good quality highs but not too sharp I was great pronounced mids especially vocals as well as good instrument separation that...
  20. rangerid

    Static Noise in Portable Rig

    Recently, I started noticing a static type of noise in my headphone whenever I move my rig around. The music will fade in and out and it's at its worst when I have it in my pocket or move it a lot.    My set-up is: iPhone4 -> CLAS -> Pico Slim -> Starkey Customs   How does one even go...
  21. Jason36

    Do I need Additional Amplification - is it worth it?

    Good morning,   I am in a bit of a quandry with regards to whether I would gain any major benefits from using a portable amplifier with my iPhone / iPad?   At the moment I have fairly easy to drive headphones (Grado SR80i's / Beyerdynamic T70p / Sennheiser IE6) all of which are used with...
  22. inego

    Sub $400 - amp suggestions for IEM

    I've been umming and aahing over a new amp for a while now, and asked some questions before. My ibasso D2+ has been chugging along OK, so I've been postponing a decision. But last week the left channel started going after 30mins or so use. I've checked cables etc, and it's def the amp.   I...
  23. kingcow

    Best Amp (under $500) for westone 4R?

    What is a good amp for Westone 4R under 500 dollars? I listen to mainly rocky and classical music.
  24. John0405

    Clas or fostex ?

    Hello I know this question was asked before, but I really would like to have more information on this. I own a pico slim and um miracles. What configuration would yield the most noticeable improvement: clas with pico, or fostex hp p1 ? Also, what kind of sound will I achieve with the fostex...
  25. jark

    RSA Mustang/Shadow, or Headamp Pico Slim + CLAS or HP-P1 for JH16 pros

    Hi all.   I have been using my new custom JH-16 pro for the last month and I'm really impress with this unit. My only "concern" is I think my iBasso D10 is not up to the task. I mean it doesn't match the resolution that the JH16 is capable off. Also I found really annoying the imbalance and...