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Best Amp (under $500) for westone 4R?

  1. kingcow
    What is a good amp for Westone 4R under 500 dollars? I listen to mainly rocky and classical music.
  2. blur510
    portable? you should look into good daps, less bulk if you are thinking portable, maybe a dx100 or a rocoo ba. hifi mam, cowon sony..
  3. kingcow
    What is a good daps for it?
  4. crossjeremiah
    ibasso T1, fiio e17, I hear so many people raving about these http://aloaudio.com/alo-audio-the-continental-mobile-vacuum-tube-amplifier.html  . the continental.
    or just get cmoy 3 channel from fred fred 2004 on ebay, they are like $150 and they sound like  >$200+ amps
  5. ZARIM
    The iBasso DX100 are highly detailed DAPs with inner powerful AMPs but if external AMPs needed only then iBasso PB2, RSA Mustang P51, ALO MKIII, Stepdance are highly recommended.
  6. heart banger-97

    if you want portable (you can put it in your jean's pocket), your choice is between arrow4G and pico slim
    if you want transportable amp, your choice can be found here or here
  7. Habiebphl
    Maybe a meier audio PC-Step?
  8. TwinQY
    The Arrow 4G or FiiO E11 are highly recommended with the W4s. Very clean, effortless sound with low distortion and a Iack of coloration that often happens with sensitive BAs and improper impedance matching. I also found they sounded great out of the iPhone 4. The DX100s were good, but a bit overboard for these IMO.
  9. shinex64
    The O2 should be a good choice, and cheap! And the Pico slim.
  10. gigtcj
    I found that the ibasso d7 sidewinder for a computer dac sounds prety good and the colorfly c3 sounds the best out of the daps i have tried(sansa clip, iphone 4, ipod video.
  11. Skullbox
  12. Skullbox

    You can't go wrong with the RSA Shadow ou Mustang. [​IMG]

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