1. ambchang

    Choosing a new portable amp

    I have been enjoying the ALO Rx MKII for about 3 years, and it is finally dying on me.   While I sent an email to ALO asking them if the issue could be fixed (and how much), I am also looking at this as a chance to switch to another amp.   I have always enjoyed the cleanliness of the...
  2. noisebass

    Headamp for Shure SRH-1840

    Hi all,   Just joined this forum to ask this:)   I've just ordered Shure SRH-1840 and I want to do them justice by getting a descent headamp as well.   The first question probably should be, do you need to buy a dedicated headamp for these 65 Ohms headphones?   If the answer is...
  3. GNR93

    Meier Corda stepdance

    Hi   I've se this amplifier on, what are the times of shipping from australia at europe??
  4. Dunkelbunt

    Looking for a DAC to use with a new computer

    I'm currently looking to buy a new pc so now would probably be a good time to find a DAC to go with my Stepdance/LCD 2's. Can someone reccomend some good low/mid budget DAC's please?   I live in Switzerland so the selection is limited and importing can be complicated.
  5. dungie

    Advice needed on ultimate transportable setup

    Hi everyone,   Suppose I have a backpack ready for hi-end audio. Suppose I'm not strong enough to carry things like RWA Isabellina HPA with me. For simplicity, let's limit setup with 4lbs. What components should I choose?   Source: is there anything better than battery-powered Apogee...
  6. kingcow

    Best Amp (under $500) for westone 4R?

    What is a good amp for Westone 4R under 500 dollars? I listen to mainly rocky and classical music.
  7. Fungus

    2stepdance hiss/ground noise issue

    As a current owner of the 2stepdance amp, I've noticed from day that the amp emits a hiss that gradually increases whenever the volume level is turned up. While the hiss only starts to become noticeable when past 12 o'clock on the volume control (zero hiss under this volume) using moderately...
  8. bunsco

    Best portable amp for HD25-1's

    Hi all Wanna know what portable amp has the best synergy with the Senn HD25-1's. currently using the RSA Tomahawk which is very nice - but I wonder if there is an even better HD25/amp combo out there? taking the holy trinity of variables into account: portability/SQ/battery life. thanx...
  9. KimChee

    Upgrade From E11 For JH-16

    Hey guys,   I'm looking to upgrade my portable rig from my E11.  So far I'm looking at the Alo Rx II, Pico Slim, and Headstage Arrow 4G.  Anyone have any other opinions on a portable amp?
  10. Pedro123


    Really good amp - nice design, perfect sound. I use it with Cowon J3 player and AKG701 headphones. As i ´m owner of little recording studio i prefare quality sound with big dynamic and good separation. I have to say i´m very sitisfied. I can only recomend it to anybody who prefare wide dynamic...
  11. average_joe

    Multi-Portable Amp Thread: 16 amps reviewed (Leckerton UHA-6S MKII added)

    Multi-Portable Amp Thread   Amps mean different things to different people.  It depends on your use, music,  source, headphone, and ears to determine if an amp will make a difference, and if so how much.  As primarily an IEM guy, I have had mixed results with amps through the years depending...
  12. skip129

    Clarification of Corda 2Stepdance input impedance needed

    What does "120 / 17 Kohm" mean, for the input impedance spec for the Corda 2Stepdance? 17K looks right, but what does the 120 mean? Is there an option to configure it for 120 ohms input impedance? If so, I don't see any mention of that in the manual.   Greg.
  13. zuguangchester


    Hi everybody , just wondering what will be a good portable amp for pairing with my setup. I am using westone4 with iPod classic and CLAS. i was looking at Meier Audio Stepdance. Anyone using this setup ? 
  14. kirr45

    About to purchase a K702

    Hey guys. I kept reading that for high end headphones, you would want an amp. Problem is I only listen to music when I'm on the go. Do they have portable amps for the K702? Why do I need an amp? It is a 62ohm headphone. Would it not sound good if I didn't use an amp? Just out of curiousity, are...
  15. Swatcsi

    LCD-2 Owners, SR-71B or 2STEPDANCE??

    I was thinking about pulling the trigger on one of these amps, which one is better suited for LCD-2, HD650 and SRH840 and is the extra price worth it for the SR-71B?
  16. MRK 54

    AC Power Plug for Stepdance 2.

     I need to find the right plug for my amp so I can use it at my work shop without the battery dieing. My 15v source is a  GS-PSA-153. The Meier Stepdance 2 will automatically use the higher amperage above 9v. I dont know where to buy the right plug.
  17. 1

    iPod Classic + Algorhythm Solo + ALO RX mkII worth it?

    Hey Guys, I've just invested in some UM Miracle IEM's and am looking for a suitable portable setup, from what I've read this is pretty much the ideal setup for what I'm looking for, but as I'm quite new to all this, I thought I'd ask for some advice.   iPod Classic + Algorhythm Solo + ALO...
  18. Jan Meier

    The past and the future of Meier-Audio

    Dear headfellows,   People who check my website more frequently may have noticed that over the last few months various models became sold-out and have not yet been replaced. This has led to many speculations and questions whether or not I will continue to produce headphone-amplifiers.  ...
  19. dadab12

    Stepdance, Arrow or uHA-120

    I'm sure many of you peole heard that comparison somewhere, but I'm about to purchase one of these amp to pair with the Ultrasone pro 900 for portability use, In terms of size difference as it will mostly be used for portability what amp is the most compact?   In terms of sound difference...

    Best "USB DAC" or "AMP only" under $500 for my Galaxy Tab and my Ultrasone PRO 900

    hello , i need help to spend my money in the best way to buy my first audiophile portable amp USB DAC to use with my Galaxy Tab and my Ultrasone PRO 900.   honestly i'm thinking also to buy a portable amp without USB DAC and use it by the line out cable and spend the same money for a better...
  21. Dobrescu George

    The best portable amp

    The title is my question... which is the best portable amp?...     if i get it good, the battle is somewhere around ibasso pb2, emmeline sr71b, practical devices xm6, and (?) fiio e11?.....        let's say that i want to drive sennheiser hd650, sennheiser hd800, akg k701...
  22. estreeter

    Anyone using the TTVJ Slim ?

    Hi All,        I'm afraid the 'Reviews' flagged by Head-Fi's search engine are just threads discussing the amp rather than actual impressions, and the Slim doesnt seem to get a lot of keystrokes. There are a couple of impressions over at Headfonia, but I think Skylab's reviews of Todd's...
  23. kayser

    RSA SR-71A vs Meier Audio Stepdance

    As the title says, I'm choosing one of these amps to use mainly with IEMs. I'm quite familiar with RSA sound and I really enjoyed my RSA Mustang and RSA Protector. I have also read Skylab's reviews of the original SR-71 and the Stepdance, the last being better to his ears. Really don't...
  24. C

    as of 3/1/11, which portable amp would you go with?

    if you have both a balanced cable and single ended, with a single ended source, what amp would you go with right now? there are so many high end portables out now that it makes the choice hard. RSA Protector, SR71B iBasso PB2 Meier Stepdance Headstage Arrow 12HE Pico Slim or? Will be with a...
  25. Vader815

    Need help discerning what to upgrade!

    Hey folks, need some much needed help on couple o' potential upgrades I'm considering. I'm coming by some spending cash soon, and I've put my thoughts into as focused a question (or couple) as I can.    SO:    I've got a pair of 595's I'm extremely happy with. Bass leaves something to be...