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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. datranz
    Any has an a4 or ito3 or any dunu to compare to? I'm coming from an dn2000. What can I expect?
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  2. Deftone
    Excellent, screw the NRR i want happy ear drums :)
  3. Presto
    Mg was my favorite of the three. Very pleasant to listen to.
  4. XERO1
    Hi Dan,
    I was just wondering if there is any potential for damage to the diaphragm if it can be heard 'crinkling' when inserting the earphone into one's ear?
  5. Trying2Learn
    Wowza I hope the Titanium model is sounds really good for $200! It's got tough competition like the Pinnacle P1 and 1More Quad Driver.
  6. Trying2Learn
    Qjays style of threaded MMCX is an optjon. Or Fidue Sirius style?
  7. Trying2Learn
    Quite interested in the Mg, if anyone knows how it stacks up to the 1More Triple Driver which is the $100 iem to buy rn, that would be great! Looking forward to seeing great things come from this company :)
  8. fpessolano

    So far everybody agrees the Ti is not that good. Mg and Be are a better choice, Be are amazing to be honest. They render very well both music with preeminent low or preeminent high or a balance of the two.

    I truly wonder what the Be driver coupled with a planar could deliver as a hybrid, oh dreams ....
  9. DanWiggins
    Most plastic-diaphragms are made from either PET or a PET/PU or PET/PEEK (or, rarely, PEEK by itself) material which is quite resilient to folding and crunching.  What you are typically hearing is the suspension "unloading" - being pushed beyond its limits and the molded-in features that allow motion (the annular rings or radial-style features) tend to "unfold".  But because of the high internal shape memory of most thermoplastics they will spring right back into shape without damage. 
    TL;DR: no problem!
  10. datranz
    Dan besides the membrane material, what other different driver technologies are used in your iem?

    I'm looking at the water graph decay, would you say the mg has the greatest speed and may sound the cleanest of the 3? The be will sound the fullest?
  11. DanWiggins
    Between the models?  None.  Everything else - save the PVD coating on the counterbalance endcap - is exactly the same.  Same magnets, voice coils, yokes, housings, vents, cables, etc.  We only change the diaphragm and the color on the endcap.
  12. datranz
    How about to other drivers?
  13. XERO1

    ​Actually, I was referring specifically to the Be model I own.  I sometimes hear a similar type of crinkling sound as I insert them into my ears.
    I was just wondering if this is normal?
  14. materix01
    Gotta say, the more I read, the more I love this company. It's not all that often that a brand will put themselves forwards with raw measurements. I've learnt so much as well from reading Dan's comments here.

    So excited about Be. Comments got me too hyped!
  15. meringo
    Guh.... They got me. Great shot, right to the wallet. Be model ordered.
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