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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. meringo
    To those that have already ordered the BE model, what was turnaround time? It's safe to expect these early next week if I ordered them last night (wed evening) here in the US?
  2. XERO1
    I tried them both at CanJam and I thought the Lyra II was even better than the Be.  It had a more neutral signature than the Be with less midbass.
    But it costs $700 and uses an around-the-ear cable design (which I've never been a fan of).
    I also listened to the Dorado and thought they sounded nearly identical to the Lyra II.  Not worth the extra cost, IMHO.
  3. meringo
    I had my eyes on the Lyra II, but I still feel that the asking price is too high on the whole line. There is no question they have good products, but the prices are nuts -- which is why the BE is such a great option!
  4. fpessolano
    From what i hear so far the Lyra ii is probably tad more neutral, but i do truly love the tuning of the Be. It is emotional. I was looking at the Dorado as something with a little bit bite in the middle section, but i agree the price is somewhat high given how good the Be is.
  5. Marburger

    Lyra II seems to be very neutral from feedback I get. Jude wrote above that Be is already neutralish but not dry as etymotics driven by Hugo 2. Actually i do not mind if the Be has some nice kick in bass.    
  6. duracek
    I presume that the beryllium shells are actually made from a beryllium alloy as pure beryllium can be very toxic. If this is the case, I wonder how much beryllium is actually in the alloy as the most common beryllium alloy mix is 2% beryllium and 98% copper. I ask this only out of curiosity as I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that the only differences between these models is the shell material.
  7. Marburger

    wrong. actual percentage of beryllium is opposite to yours. You can check the website of  the PA for more detailed information. Actually, actually does is matter what is inside if that sounds very good? [​IMG] That's what i care now 
  8. Asspirin
    Not shell material. Driver material.
  9. duracek

    My apologies, that makes sense now.
  10. datranz
    Not shell housing , it's the diaphragm or the cone of the driver.
    Edit: late response.
  11. Asspirin
    Btw will there be a Uranium model?
  12. Marburger

    not yet so far. You can make your own if you want. You should tell us about the results if you survive [​IMG] 
  13. Marburger

    Did not even notice that you were talking about the shell material :))) . x2  wrong then :)
  14. DanWiggins
    We do have a PEEK surround (http://periodicaudio.com/Anatomy.html) and it can give you some crinkly sound IF you insert it fast and deep.  It may also be a touch of cable noise, or squeaks from the silicone against your ear.  But it should not harm anything if you do hear it.
  15. datranz
    Wow!!! Exactly what I was looking for, very informative. Engineering talk.
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