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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. Darkestred

    I havent even received a confirmation and i ordered on Monday.
  2. DanWiggins
    Hi all,

    We're running a few days behind, they are all shipping out today.  The CanJam was last weekend, we spent Monday in a status after-show activity, and then delivery for our Japanese distributor.  Lots of activity in the warehouse right now, with lots of USPS labels printed and going out.
  3. JaeYoon
    Lol. I just bought a MG today. Will I lucky enough to be shipped today as well. Or next week?
  4. fpessolano
    I wonder if getting an mg after the be is insane :)
  5. JaeYoon
    Why not. Just to experience it!
  6. datranz
    Lookinf at the decay graph, the mg seems to be much quicker, especially in the bass and vocals. What does that translate, I don't know.
  7. Marburger

    OMG :) My fault, sorry guys! Corrected
  8. datranz
    Marb, more impression please
  9. Darkestred
    No worries dan. You mentioned as much. Just jelly.
  10. Marburger

    Actually I didn't want to rush with my final verdict. Because with some headphones/earphones you need more time
    to know about their strength and weaknesses. I think the Be fall into that category iems with its "chameleon-like" nature, it shows foremost what your source capable of, adding almost nothing of its own.  Today I have continued  listening to them through iPhone 6s  and first gen Fiio X5 and continued watching movies in PC. Of course Be scales up significantly from better dap. In my initial impression I described the Be as "a little bit warm". However, I think now that this warmth is coming out of Fiio. Alas, I don't have Jude's Hugo 2, therefore can't say you how much it scales up and how neutral it is :frowning2:. This makes this impression overall less accurate unfortunately. 
    Some examples of my music
    Eagles- Hotel of California. I have been listening to Eagles maybe thousand times, so nothing surprised me in Be's reproduction. The sound comes out nicely balanced. Nothing in particular jumps out out of raw. Actually I prefer studio recording than live of this album. Here you can notice that the studio recording should sound clean/balanced but studio itself can't sound big/deep/wide. Here Be delivers the music as it should be. 
    I have been also listening lately a tribute album to David Lynch's movies. The quality of this live recording album is excellent.
    I hear very good sound stage out of Be. The vocal in particular has nice presence. It sounds very believable. Don't hear any sibilants. Dynamics are very good too. The bass comes also nicely balanced neither lacking nor kicking hard.
    to be continued...  
    fadedlogic and gward4 like this.
  11. Darkestred
    What a pleasant surprise.  You do work fast, Dan! :) IMG_20170414_165818.jpg
    Quick first impression.  I am loving the bass.  It's so precise and quick but has weight.  The cymbals sound reallll nice.  Very true to sound.  Precise.  Vocals sound up close and intimate.  So far so likey.
    As for the comparison to the Dorado id say close but these have more resolution.  This is all from memory.  Same weighty bottom end though.
    gward4 likes this.
  12. fpessolano
    Good, i stick to the Be the. Btw the BE truly love amplification
  13. datranz
    "I am loving the bass. It's so precise and quick but has weight. The cymbals sound reallll nice. Very true to sound. Precise. "
    "As for the comparison to the Dorado id say close but these have more resolution."

    Exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks.
  14. Marburger
    I like this tin too :)
    handy for transportation. Fits into small pockets
  15. audi0nick128
    hey there,

    Can anyone give a comparison of the Be to isine 10, preferably with Chord Mojo as source?

    Trying to decide which IEM to get.
    My full size cans are Nighthawks and I really enjoy their sound signature.
    And from what I read the Be might have a similar sound... Any first hand experience of Nighthawk owners would be highly appreciated, as well :)

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