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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. fearlessleader
    Interesting that it's only 1.5 dB. What is your NRR (hopefully not for foam tips)? Is it the same across the line? Thanks.
  2. FunctionalDoc
    Dan, I was wondering I got a tracking number on April12th and still no update from the USPS. I was wondering when will my order ship?
  3. DanWiggins
    I will get that information posted on our website, but for now it is 26 dB for single flange, 29 dB for dual flange, and 31 dB for foam.
    fearlessleader likes this.
  4. DanWiggins
    Please contact support@periodicaudio.com - I don't think Jude wants to use this thread or forum for sales support questions...:)

  5. nekromantik
    Would any of these be good for trance music?
    I got Trinity PM6 on order but might cancel. Also got FLC8s.
    Was thinking about getting CA Nova also.
    Comparisons against Nova?
  6. Darkestred
    I can't really answer your question as i dont listen to trance but they have been great for metal.  I would say the Be's would definitely sound great with trance.  The bass presentation would go along well with how trance handles bass in their songs.  The Be seem to be very versatile. 
    I have some Daft Punk songs (don't listen to them either).  Yes.  This is a bit off-topic.   I dont know what it is but the way the Bes present the music I was really impressed.  The bass presence, the timbre of the music, the presentation of the "instruments."  I have a pretty nice set of IEMs in the Shockwave 3s and while those are great IEMs they did not hold a candle to how well the Bes encompassed that genre.  I was shocked how different the song sounded on each of the IEMs.
    These are bare none my favorite IEM to date.  While i have auditioned the Dorado and the Jupiter and the Vega - i am personally not certain the hundreds of dollar increase in price is quite worth the upgrade as the Be's do everything i enjoy, well.
  7. nekromantik
  8. fpessolano

    Loving them with house, trance and electronic music in general. 
  9. sodesuka
    Just got my Be, some quick impression: The most striking thing about these IEMs is their impressive sense of immediacy, kinda hard to explain, a bit similar to grado's in your face signature but not that extreme and these still have soundstages (though rather small), maybe it's a characteristic of the Beryllium diaphragm? The decay (or transient response?) seems to be very fast. Bass isn't as hard hitting head-pounding as I thought it'd be but neither the mid-bass or the extreme end are missing, it's all there. The high is quite interesting, extending satisfyingly but not screeching, it still has that satisfying 'twang' to it yet never feels irritating to me.
    Packaging is very utilitarian indeed, but who cares about something you only do once (opening the package) in the entire lifetime of the product with you. All in all, they knocked it out of the park with these little bad boys, can't see myself parting with them.
  10. duracek
    I like the marketing concept of Peroidic Audio using 3 different elements for each of their 3 drivers. What I am struggling with a little is the convenient pricing. $100, $200, $300. It doesn't feel to me that using a tiny amount of a different relatively cheap material justifies these increases. It is not like other manufacturers that add additional drivers to justify the prices as the range increases. I think a better pricing strategy would have been $150, $200, $250. This would give them a similar profit but make the deal seem fairer.
  11. phthora
    Eh, maybe you're right. The Mg seems spot on. The Ti seems a bit high. And the Be seems like a crazy value at $300. But, it looks like R&D was minimal on everything but the driver itself, since the rest of the tech is shared across the line-up. I'm sure Periodic put some real thought and math into those prices, and since I think they are very fair prices, I don't see a problem.
  12. fpessolano
    Well, look at the price of any other beryllium IEM of this quality. The Be is cheaper by a margin. 
  13. duracek

    It is not the price that I think is wrong, it is the perceived value. A manufacturer should entice customers up to the next level by making them think the step up is good value. If they really need $300 to make the BE then they should think about $200, $250, $300 as the extra cost between the versions APPEARS to be very little in production costs. To say a microscopic coating of titanium justifies doubling the price seems wrong to me.
  14. fpessolano
    Well, I understand but it is pretty normal (Apple leads the way)
  15. datranz
    Or you could look the other way, they want people to try the mg and like their sound so much that they end up buying both the mg and be.brilliant marketing :)
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