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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. Carlsan
    Can you provide examples?
  2. fpessolano

    Campfire Lyra II
  3. Carlsan
  4. duracek
  5. fpessolano
    Price difference is not such to justify my spending money on them now that i have the Be. I pass
  6. Darkestred

    Can always eq the bass in. Nothing short of sublime.

    Soundstage id say averagish but they are so fun.
  7. duracek

    Go on, you know you want to. You can never have too many IEMs! :evil:
  8. datranz
    use search for accutone reviews. I'm not saying they are bad but it's sonic properties are not what I'm looking for, I'll pass as I have this on the way.
  9. XERO1

    ​AFAIK, the Periodic Be is currently the only IEM available that uses pure beryllium for its diaphragm material.  The Campfire Lyra II uses beryllium-coated mylar and I suspect that the Accutone Gemini HD probably does as well.
  10. Carlsan
    From the website:
    Of course you could be right. Just saying that these may be amazing, haven't heard them myself, but they seem to be not alone in the concept.
    I have the original version of the Lyra, which I think is quite good.
    Anyone compare the Lyra to the Periodic Be?
  11. sodesuka

    Actually I like bass like these IEMs instead, wasn't looking for basshead IEMs but I've always had the luck of getting ones when I wasn't expecting it, so this was a pleasant surprise.
    As for the soundstage, Dan told me that the cable had four cores inside so you can re-terminate the end to balanced connection, should help the soundstage.
  12. Darkestred

    I feel you.  I was pleasantly surprised with how this bass hits.  Its like sub bassy but very quick and envelopes the music.  Usually, i just seem to get the sub bass which is great but its usually missing something.
    If that is true on the balanced...don't get me thinking but i am ok with the current sound stage.
  13. datranz
    My order number is 1014, it has been a week and usps still says waiting for item. Please let me know what is the hold up. I can't wait to hear your creation.
  14. Marburger
    I do not know how much it costs for the PA to do Be driver, but it is the priciest material in the market for sure. Look in the head-fi TV for Jude's video with Focal's rep discussing the Utopia headphones. I remember him saying that cost of 1 kg pure Beryllium sheet equals 40 kg in gold.  
  15. Marburger
    as far as I know, it is coated not pure as Be. 
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