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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. fadedlogic
    Without the cable, I saw the IEM itself ways about 3.5 grams
  2. Darkestred

    I can see this.  Someone mentioned they can sound splashy.  I definitely can see this on certain recordings.  I always pay attention to the cymbals and there can be a high pitched frequency (hard to explain) at times that doesnt sound right but also that splashiness.  It isn't a deal breaker as its kind of a, on-the-fence, off-the-fence thing.
  3. Marburger

    Nothing to be afraid of it . As I said ''a bit in higher FR'' I think  it was due to the Be's revealing nature. I have once again checked my reference music collection and can not detect any fatigue or any unnaturalness. If the recording has any sibilance especially in female vocals it will reveal but it is not emphasizing it. I think the amount of higher FRs is spot on.  Overall, the more I listen to it the more it grows on me.   
  4. fpessolano
    Most of the brightness and sibilance is revealed from the source actually.
  5. Darkestred
    Agreed.  I love my Bes.
  6. audi0nick128
    Hey DanWiggins will your IEMs be available to purchase in Germany anytime soon? Don't like to deal with customs... I am especially interested in the Be, of course :)

  7. fpessolano

    What is the problem with custom, I had no issue (Belgium)
  8. audi0nick128
    I just don't like it... bad experiences from the past where items been held by customs for ages... OK weeks really but still :wink:
  9. duracek

    You should ask Dan to under declare the value, otherwise you will owe 2.5% + 19% VAT. Depending on the courier you may also have to pay a fee for customs clearing.
  10. fpessolano

    This is illegal. I rather pay custom and VAT than ask a legit business to do like the Chinese. In any case if they end up sold locally you will need to pay it. No way around.
    phthora and materix01 like this.
  11. duracek

    It is technically not illegal if Dan decides to send someone a gift.
  12. fpessolano

    It is because he is declaring false. And even a gift gets to pay taxes.
  13. audi0nick128
    Yeah especially the custom clearing is really annoying, since it's Money for nothing... Oh gonna dig out dire straits tonight :)
  14. fpessolano

    You will still pay it to any shop in germany since they need to recoup it. come on guys. be realistic
  15. duracek

    Not strictly true. Shops in Germany will be able to claim back the VAT that they have paid as they are companies, so they will be able to sell them at the same price as the US people enjoy. Privately importing goods means that you will effectively pay VAT twice, once in US and once in Germany.
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