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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. meringo

    Well, not exactly. I'm declaring my order missing. USPS is clueless as to what happened. Seems like you need to find a new shipping partner. It feels like I ordered these a while ago...
  2. DanWiggins
    Correct, we held off on shipping your replacement at your request, but once you confirmed your local post office did not have it, we sent out a replacement pair.
    It was all packages delivered to the USPS on the 14th that have gone missing/unknown.
  3. Trying2Learn
    I don't know about that, a quick fact check on Chemicool showed that pure Be is about $748 per 100g and pure Gold about $5540 per 100g. But ok
  4. DanWiggins
    It comes down to processing cost.  Gold is amazingly ductile, and easy to work - soft, pliable, doesn't crack.  Beryllium cracks and shatters if you look at it wrong.  So you might start with material that is "only" 15% of the cost of gold, but by the time you're done working it and dealing with low yield you're pushing nearly the same cost.
  5. JaeYoon
    I just got my Magnesium. One of the earphones looks beat up though, real scratch marks and silver paint looks scraped off.
    But it's only a cheap $100 one, I'd be more concerned if I bought BE.
    Anyhow, it sounds great. But I'm confused one of the earphones has a red color on grill. Other is silver and not sure which one is L or R.
  6. DanWiggins
    Red is right... :)
  7. JaeYoon
    Thanks dan!
  8. datranz
    How is the sound of mg?
  9. JaeYoon
    My opinion on this is probably not fully accurate due to such short listening. But I like it a lot. It's better than Trinity Vyrus that I got.

    I feel kinda satisfied with MG. Really good detail going on in background and I don't have any issues with sound.

    I can only imagine how the BEs sound. But I feel like I would be fine with just MGs if I didn't want to throw another 300.
  10. datranz
    I can't wait to come home, my be is in the mailbox...
  11. JaeYoon
    For sure, BE will be good! Enjoy it!
  12. datranz
    Woa!!!!!speachless....this is right bout if the box....bass done right, dn2k has more rumble but this is so clean while hitting very tight and hard. Best bass I've heard. Mids are front and center, very clear like first row with a lot of information. Treble is very pleasing although not as bright as the Dn2000. Dn2000 has better instruments seperation. This feel more like you are in a club next to the speaker (dynamic driver sound signature), more cohesive I guess. while most ba I've heard sounds more distinct between instruments. However it is very light and comfortable. Cable is above average, but not the best I have seen, about same as dunu dn2k or fx850. Did I tell you A+ for sound and comfort.

    Now the bad:
    cable is non removable, I would like to try different cable like my linum. Or in the future I may need a lightning cable some thing. Build quality is subpar, although it is extremely light and comfortable, it doesn't feel premium. When I recieve it, there are excess glue on the housing. For 300, Trinity product feels much more premium. It's like having a Tesla core with Kia body.

    Overall sq is first rate, i feel all the money and engineering was put into the sound quality and no effort in cosmetic. if this has a more premium feel to it, periodic could double the price and still be a good value. Especially with a 5 year warranty.
    I'm going to let it burn all night on my desktop and report back tomorow.
  13. datranz
    I couldn't wait till morning, I notice the sound open up making it more spacious than before and more speaker like. I started with my favorite work out song "overdrive" by Calvin Harris, at 0:34, the bass guitar sounded so good and pleasing with the perfect weight, and then at 3:24 the bass synthesis pounds hard like no other bass iem I have herd (fx850 or aaw a3hpro ciem)By the time at 4:19, I'm on my feet shuffling like I'm in a club. Lol!!!
    Another favorite song is faded by Alan walker, the vocal is very clear and sweet and front without the bass overpower and affect the mids or voice of the singer. Just right. did I tell you it's light and comfortable? Oh I did. Size and shape is similiar to dn2k and much smaller than fx850. This one best the fx850 by a long shot.
    I just love Christina Aguilera, while listening to her "save me from myself", her voice is so clear and intimate as if she sat next to me telling me to save her from herself. She's practical whispering to me almost close enough to touch my ear. Simply amazing.
  14. Darkestred
    Glad you found a similar experience as myself.  I was going to say even though i dont believe in burn-in that after some listening time the sound stage feels like it grew a little.
  15. datranz
    From an engineering standpoint, it achieves all of its goals:
    sound quality, check,
    Light weight, check,
    comfortable, check,
    durability, (five year warranty)
    However I feel it could could be a litttle flashier, but then again it would not be light weight if it's made of metal. It is such a n excellent iem but it feels too utilitarian. It needs to look the part of an tesla rather than a moded up civic. Wood housing or something would have been great. (I.e. Fx850) but that shiet is heavy.
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