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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. audi0nick128
    not 100 percent sure about that... there are few examples where price in USD for products from US or China is the same as in Europe, once its available in Germany... and there are ways to get around the custom clearing fees... don't want to deal with that...
    Anyway another point is a possible return of the item... so I would just prefer to buy from a german dealer... or even amazon, that's all :)

    let's not derail the thread... while I'm at it I m gonna ask again for first hand experience with Chord Mojo as source and maybe the Audioquest NightHawks as baseline reference.

  2. fpessolano

    First VAT in us does not exist ecept when you buy in a shop or in the same state (sales tax is called) and when buy as an individual form outside EU the vat/sales tax needs to be taken off.
    Second, the shop in germany needs to charge VAT and will charge also any duty they have paid.
    As a reference if the Campfore Lyraii costs 699 USD in EU it costs EUR 799.
    There are no way around VAT, only thing is that some local dealers can get a discount so that the margin is reduced for both parties. Something not always possible especially if the manufacturer has low margins to start from
  3. XERO1

    ​Yeah.... that's never gonna happen. [​IMG]
  4. datranz
    8 days went by and no dice, tomorrow hopefully....
  5. FunctionalDoc
    I had a tracking number on April 12th and it was stuck in the pre shipment phase with the post office and so Dan said they are shipping another one out since they shipped a big batch on the 14th . He also said that he will be out of the country for next 4 weeks so if need him to email him dan@periodicaudio.com. 
    I hope that helps. They are being shipped from California. If you have tracking then yours is coming. 
  6. datranz
    I'm in riverside, California. 30 mins from Los Angeles.
  7. datranz
    If they are leaving from California, then it should've taken one day to get to me.
  8. Marburger
    I can understand you very well. I had once received  custom iems declared as gift from another headfier based in the US. Despite it, German custom officer made me pay a huge VAT. They are very effective :) since then  nein, Danke :) 
  9. fpessolano
    Always best to have a value declared on.
  10. besati
    I order on Apr 11 and immediately got a tracking number, but until now, USPS is still expecting package for mailing. Dan said couple of days ago that he would follow up with USPS but still nothing happened.
  11. materix01
    That's unlucky Had mine sent out by USPS on April 19th and already left the USA for my country according to the tracking.
  12. FunctionalDoc
    Missing orders,
    I emailed Dan today and it appears whole bunch of orders including mine that should have gone out 14th are MIA. Dan is out of the country . I suggest you contact  Zeke Burgess zeke@periodicaudio.com give him your name order number and tell that you need to have your order resent out. He is sending my order out  again tomorrow. 
    I hope this help,
  13. datranz
    Same, they are resending my order too.
  14. DanWiggins
    Hi all,

    All shipments that went out on the 14th are missing.  Everything before - and everything after - are fine.  Just that day, and they're all sitting as "waiting for shipment", even though we have a USPS receipt for drop-off.  We have sent replacements to everyone already, so you should have your replacement product coming and we'll keep monitoring the situation.  
  15. audi0nick128
    Any info on future availability from EU/UK dealers?
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