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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. Marburger
    Hi all,
    I have searched about Periodic Audio eims in Head-fi and couldn't find any dedicated thread for this new born company.
    Also, I am interested to hear your impressions about their EIMs, if you own any of them.
    Actually, I liked their approach in developing their products and I have decided blindly to buy their flagship Be. Because I wanted lately some single dynamic flagship eim in "affordable price range", since I had some complaints for multi BA driver eims, which dominate the market at the moment. 
    Currently, looking forward to the delivery...
    Of course, the thread is open to everyone who wants to discuss about the Periodic Audio and their products.
    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the company. I have just bought one of their eims as a regular customer.
  2. mochill
    Would love to hear the beryllium version
  3. gward4
    I'm also interested in learning more about theses, especially the Be.
  4. meringo
    You're in for a treat.The Be was one of my favorite IEMs at Canjam.
  5. gward4
    I bought the Be version and it should be arriving this week. Can't wait to try it out! I'll post my initial thoughts here.
  6. Marburger
    Mine too is shipped already. However it will take time to reach Uzbekistan.  You will get yours quicker [​IMG] 
    gward4 likes this.
  7. Marburger
    thank you. I have read some positive feedback in web regarding their demo eims, especially very positively about Be.Therefor went straight to Be.  When it arrives I will definitely post my impressions.  Can't wait...
  8. DanWiggins
    So YOU'RE the guy in the Uzbekistan area.  I was wondering about that...  Tashkent isn't typically considered a hot-bed of audio!  And they were shipped via USPS Priority Express so you should have them in 7-10 days!
  9. mochill
    Need a pair :wink:
  10. Marburger

    Indeed it is me :).  Yeah you are right! There are few enthusiastic guys like me around here in Tashkent. But unfortunately, the audio market is pretty non existent. Hopefully it will change in near future. People should know that there are many worthy brands other than Beats.   Btw, thank you for the shipping details! I have checked tracking and it works so far. Really looking forward to get mine. 
  11. gward4

    Dan, I received my BEs yesterday in Austin. Very quick shipping, fast email responses from you and your team, and friendly service! I am very impressed all around.

    I am even MORE impressed with the sound. You have a killer IEM with the BE version! It sounds excellent and full and dynamic, even straight out of the iPhone.

    I expected it to have good punch and low end, and it certainly does. What really surprised me was the width of the soundstage and the balance all the way though the mids and treble. So much fun to listen to, and very comfortable.

    I used them last night through my Grace m9xx playing a Masters album (Alt-J) via Tidal, and the BEs scaled up very well. I'm just very pleased all around with these, as you can tell. I will be selling a couple of my $500+ IEMs after getting these. Thanks for a great product!
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  12. gward4
    A few pictures, just for grins.



  13. DanWiggins
    Thank you for your kind words!  If you need anything, drop a line - we try to respond and support as best we can!
  14. Marburger
     Thanks for the first unboxing pictures.  Now I know how they look like. Simple yet functional. Actually I like that Dan not added iphone/android remote on the cable. I think  remote would spoil aesthetics. 
  15. DanWiggins
    We had a few people ask about the "basic" packaging (the actual word wasn't quite so nice...:wink:.  My partner Zeke had the perfect answer: "you don't listen to the box".
    Mics can be good and bad.  Good when you need one to have a call (however, I know you can always use the mic on the phone, and still use your earbuds), but they do introduce measurable and often audible audio artifacts.  A couple of quick measurements on an AP are all that you need to show the effect of the mic circuit, especially on cell phones with high output impedances.  And based upon our questioning at RMAF and NYC CanJam, I'd say about 75% of headfi folks really don't care about the mic.  So - no mic!
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