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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. wardo783
    I tried a bunch of things today at CanJam SoCal and purchasing a set of the Be was a no brainer. It destroys everything in its price point and performs better than many IEMs that cost twice as much. Kudos to everyone at PA, I can't wait to see what you come out with next.
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  2. gward4

    Congrats on the purchase of the BE. I totally agree with you. I've been listening to my BE for a couple weeks now, and they are incredible. I'm really enjoying them. They are also more comfortable than my other IEMs, so I find myself wanting to use them more for that reason too.
  3. Darkestred
    Man. I passed over this booth at canjam nyc. I loved the name and elements chart but i thought it was just cans.

    Well. Im very interesting and my CC is horny for love.
  4. Deftone
    Thinking about trying the BE model but how is the pressure once inserted in the ear canal, is it semi open or anything to equalise the pressure? It's the reason i hate most iems. Vacuum effect with iems is horrendous.
  5. DanWiggins
    we do vent the front and rear volumes of the transducer.  As a result there is a very small acoustic path from your ear canal to the outside air.
  6. neuromancer
    I picked the Be version up this weekend at CanJam and color me super impressed! Amazing clarity, resolution, and imaging right out of the box. Going to burn them in and take them on vacation to do some comparitive listening. After listening to some very high end iems, I'm amazed at just how incredible these sound for the price point! We'll done mate!
  7. fpessolano
    Thanks to @RobA19 for telling me about this thread (so that i could avoid making a new one and posting again photos).
    I just received my Be  and I started burning them (figuratively speaking).
    In a few days I will have clearer feelings about them based on my own test playlist and proper burn-in.
    But my first feeling is that these are a true gem. Their sound is very natural, good staging. Good resolution (despite being one lonely single diver :) ). Really good balance from low to high. Love already how it renders some of my test tracks like "Chachipen", "The Moon is a harsh mistress", "Sometimes like a motherless child" or "Cold". Time to get them off and do proper burn-in :)
    I agree packaging is basic, but i like the tin and the overall quality feels pretty good. They are even rather light thanks to their PC constructions instead of fancy metal.
  8. Intensecure
    Indeed, thanks to all the above for pointing to this new thread and extremely interesting manufacturer.

    Ah, an opportunity to get an opinion from the manufacturer himself..Yes, I know such matters are to be confined elsewhere, but so rarely does one get the opportunity to get an unbiased opinion from the actual manufacturer, so I will risk the wrath and ask anyway..:wink:
    Mr Wiggins, what is your opinion on the need for burn-in on your products?

    I must say that these look very interesting, right up my street. As someone who has kickboxers ears which cannot accept concha design IEMs, I am always on the lookout for the very best sounding more traditionally styled earphones, which marry good sound with comfortable fit.
    Sadly the rapidly declining exchange rate in my country prevents me from ordering these blind, so will wait for more impressions and comparisons before buying but these look impressive and I will watch with interest as this thread develops. :)
  9. Hi-Fi'er

    Which IEMs are you referring to that these destroy that are twice as much?
  10. Marburger
    Gradually feedback from users are appearing here and you can already imagine how they sound. Especially, look at the Jude's post in this thread. He made a FR chart and gave some his impressions about the sound signature. As for the exchange rate, I bet my country doesn't do any better than yours [​IMG]. But suddenly decided blindly that this is one to have  
  11. Kundi
    Anyone able to find these in Canada?
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  12. DanWiggins
    Only two people call me Mr. Wiggins: the police and the tax man...:)  Call me Dan!
    IMHO, there is no burn-in needed. The excursion of your IEM is so low that it breaks in literally in a few minutes of use.  If you hear "burn in" of your IEM, it's most likely your own psychoacoustic shift in preference.  Short-to-long term FR/THD/IMD/Z measurements show no measurable changes - and I am also a firm believer that we can measure to a much higher level of accuracy than we can hear.
    That said - burn in away (as long as it's not over an open flame, of course...:))
  13. fpessolano
    Ok then, I put them back in my ears , no burn in!
    (so far i noticed little effect of burn in anyhow on IEM vs cans)
  14. Intensecure
    As a former law enforcement officer, Mr Wiggins,...:wink:
    Dan, thanks for the candid answer. I am not a believer in burn-in, and am very much a believer in the scientific method, but always like to hear from someone who has actually measured and has a greater knowledge than myself, so I appreciate you answering.
    I'll be following this, and wishing you all the best in this endeavour, your products look impressive.
  15. fpessolano
    Has somebody with the Be understood how to distinguish left from right?
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