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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. XERO1
    I picked up a pair of the Be's at CanJam SoCal yesterday.
    They are amazingly good for the money, and like others have already said, they rival IEMs that cost significantly more.
    The least expensive IEM that I heard at the show that competed with it was the Campfire Audio Lyra II, and it costs $699. [​IMG]
    IMHO, the Be one of the best IEMs under $500 that you can buy.
    Here's my super short review of all three Periodic Audio IEMs:
    Mg:  Pretty good for a $99 IEM.  Definitely above average.  It was pretty much on par with my Echobox Finder X1, which goes for $159.
    Ti:    Just terrible!  Bright, harsh.  I didn't want to listen to them for more than a few seconds.  And I am not alone in this.  Pretty much everyone else who heard them thought the same thing.
    Be:   Now this is more like it!  I instantly fell in love with these!  They have a wonderfully balanced FR, a surprisingly large soundstage, and are one of the least harsh sounding IEMs I have heard.
    It's pretty crazy that the only thing that accounts for the HUGE differences in SQ between them is only driver's diaphragm material.  Everything else is exactly the same.  I honestly wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't heard it for myself.
    Great job on the Be's, Dan!
  2. fearlessleader
    What about the buttons (e.g. iPhone pause, & volume)? I really use those much more so than the mic. Thanks.
  3. Deftone
    sorry im not sure what that means? im guessing less pressure than other iems but not as good as open back?
  4. datranz
    [*] Audio Precision APx555 Audio Analyzer
    [*] Rupert Neve Designs RNHP headphone amplifier
    [*] Herzan custom acoustic enclosure
    NOTE: The measurements reflect diffuse field correction applied via the APx555's input EQ.​

    (Click on the images below to view them in a larger size.)​


    Is this the only iem thats flat to 20k? Most iem graph drops like a rock between 12k and 16k.
    1TrickPony likes this.
  5. XERO1

    ​The only way to tell L from R is that one of the filter screens that are inside the eartips is slightly darker than the other.
    But the difference is so small that you have absolutely no way to tell which is which. 
    I had to put a small piece of tape on one so I can tell.
    This really is something that needs to be fixed.
  6. fpessolano
    Darn, this is the only bad thing of these IEM. I guess i am going to see if I can fine tips of of different colours then
  7. XERO1

    ​It's not a dealbreaker.  Just a little bit of a PITA. [​IMG]
  8. Deftone
    yeah i agree should easily be distinguishable without looking over the top and silly.
    maybe a metallic coloured band around the cable entry on the right earphone.
  9. datranz
    I know the treble is going to be good, how is the bass? Can it rumble like the it03?
  10. FUYU

    Pretty much. When you insert IEMs, the air inside the earcanal gets compressed (or sealed entirely), causing an increase in pressure. Often times this can cause something called "driver-flex", which is the wrinkling sound you sometimes hear.
  11. fpessolano

    I will di exaxclty that, put t tiny red taoe strip on one side or colored tips
  12. Deftone
    Sounds good, its something i really loved about IE800 (no pressure)
    I dont know what the "wrinkling sound" is but i do know that i hate a perfect seal so i will purposefully make it loose with IEMs even though sound quality suffers.
  13. XERO1

    ​Oh yeah!  That's one of the things that sold me on these.
    As can be seen on the FR chart, the Be's are definitely north of neutral in the bass, and may be a little too mid-bassy for some.
    But they get so much right, I can overlook their relatively minor flaws.
  14. datranz
    I'm in.
  15. XERO1

    ​I get that crinkle-y sound of driver-flex about 50% of the time I put them in my ears.
    It doesn't really bother me and it doesn't seem to affect the SQ in any negative way either.
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