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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. 1TrickPony
    hey, read your pm. I was checking up on these. Seems familiar, this Freq. Graph right? :wink:
    The emphasis around 6k should be interesting. Kinda hoping the subs and midbass are controlled and quick in general. Let me know how this goes for you. Congrats in advance!
  2. FUYU

    As the pressure builds up in the IEM housing, that pressure is partially relieved by warping the least rigid wall, in this case the diaphragm. It's like being inside an airplane. Your eardrum does the same. (kinda) :)
  3. datranz
    I'm looking at crinacle's graph, almost all of them has that 6k bump, some I'm crossing my fingers. I kind of like the Sean olive curve. Be should be very light, so hopefully it's very quick and controlled and not have any ringing like titanium.
  4. Marburger
    I suppose the vents are made mostly for the diaphragms itself not for ear canals, to relieve the excess of sound pressure from drivers, because they move air  a lot of unlike BA drivers. @DanWiggins  correct me if I am wrong. 
  5. wardo783
    I actually said that it destroys everything in its price point and it does so without being apologetic about it. The Noble Sage doubles the Be price but there is no way that it performs better, I tried other stuff as well but the fact that I can't remember what they were called or who made them shows how uninspired they left me.  They have a smooth and coherent sound with great resolution that you're normally not able to buy at $299.
    I went to T.H.E Show Newport a few years ago and Andrew Jones was there introducing his new company ELAC. He was playing his new bookshelf speaker from the Debut line and everyone was absolutely digging their sound. During the demo one guy could not contain himself and had to ask how much they cost. The music filled the room so nicely that no one could make out Andrew's response, all we heard was two something. The guy next to me turned around and told the crowd, "I think he said $2,029." Everyone nodded in acceptance and not one person batted an eye at the price...then after a short pause Andrew stops the music, "No, I said $229." I kid you not, it was like a cartoon or something because everyone's jaw dropped simultaneously.  
    This past weekend gave me a moment of deja vu after discovering the Be. Similar to ELAC, Periodic Audio has priced its IEMs to build a quick market share and bankroll more ambitious projects. They have the best bang for buck and come with a 5 year warranty....you just can't beat that.
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  6. Marburger
    fully support your argument. Actually Dan's team could do some fancy metal body, removable litz supa dupa cable and a fancy case, cash in 1000 bucks and very few would complaint. In high end audio people  already spoiled with expensive looks  and think it equals to the sound quality. Not always the case :frowning2:.  You know, now some eims approaching 4000 usd, it will be hard impress people with something affordable nowadays.     
  7. fpessolano
    To be honest I like their look, Simple, light and elegant. I understand why they used fixed cables as detachable ones are still a true pain honestly.
    I would only add L and R :) and maybe do a fancier packaging with a booklet with a story of them so that they feel a bit more exclusive :)
  8. 1TrickPony
    official webpage graph (http://www.periodicaudio.com/Be.html)
    They don't seem too far apart aside the presentation of the graph, though there is a noted discrepancy in the super high region. Reminds me of the well lauded Dn2000 except for the lower treble region. We're talking about a single driver vis-a-vis hybrid. Got to admit though, it's a sweet looking graph and that beryllium diaphragms are the new kid in town. Curious if this plays well with eq. How's the timbre in these compared to the er4Xr???

    (sorry for the disjointed post - long day)
    I also hope that vocals are nicely spotlight for example... *SUBBED* Tour signup please? We the North would like to know!
  9. datranz
    Exactly what I was thinking except possibly better treble extentions. Aaw 900 performance from a single driver or Ca Vega alternative. I only wish it has detachable cable, i just love linum cable.
  10. FUYU

    The graph from Jude is showing compensation. (diffuse target in this case, read more here) Unlike the one from BE, which is RAW and without smoothing.
    There are various forms of compensation like Diffuse Field Target, Olive-Welti or Harman Target which all change the looks of the graph. Reason for that is, well, we as humans hear things quite different compared to microphones. And these people think they came with something universal to emulate human hearing. (I think that Harman has it quite right, but that's another debate)
    Example MEE P1 (from clarityfidelity )

    (diffuse target, with original raw in light grey)

    (harman compensated)

    There is a lot of irregularites in reading graphs. If I measure the P1 for myself for instance, chances are that my graph might look like the RAW curve. My coupler is around 2.3cc in volume so it's fairly close to IEC 60268-7 standard. Usually there is more variance due to outside noise, insertion depth, etc. etc..
    Another super important thing is smoothing. After you've done the measurements you can make them look "prettier" via. removing outline points. If you often see graphs with 1/3 oct. smoothing, it might look smooth and linear, however using 1/24 oct. compensation reveals often very different graphs. I don't want to call them marketing ploy, however using 1/2 smoothing and no info about what the set-up is, seems very un-trustworthy.

    Long story short, be careful when comparing graphs. Make sure you know all relevant data.

    EDIT: Shoot, I might have misread his comment. 1TrickPony I thought you were referring to the graph on the Periodic website compared to the one from Jude. :D
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  11. FunctionalDoc
    I had been in communication with Dan by email since I saw the video review at Cam Jam NYC and he has answered all my questions and been very responsive. I just finished reading the thread and decided to get Beryllium .
    I am big planar hedphone sound fan and just wonder what type of soundstage these will produce vs my HE400I or soon to be determined Mr Speakers AEON's ?
    I know these will be easy to drive . 
    Will put up a review when I get them and spend some time with them.
  12. fpessolano
    Was the same for me. I saw hie interview from an event some time ago and ordered the BE right after some exchange of emails.
    My impression is that the soundstage is not what I experience with my hybrid planars of course, but it is impressive for an IEM and even an IEM of this price range. It seems wider in lower freqs more than in others. But I could be wrong (I have an average ear by all means)
  13. mochill
    Want BE
  14. fpessolano
    Which be? I mean I got the Be in BE :)
  15. mochill
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