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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. gward4

    I think you will be pleased with the soundstage of the BE. I'm also a Planar fan. I listen to the LCD3 in the evening. The Periodic BE has become my go-to for listening at work and during lunch. I'm listening to the BE right out of the iPhone right now (Bon Iver's new album) and the sound stage is plenty wide and deep for me.

    I'm very curious about your impressions once you get them!
    fpessolano likes this.
  2. datranz
    How long did it take to revive the order?
  3. gward4

    I'm in Texas and mine arrived very quickly. They shipped them promptly and it only took a couple days to get here.
  4. fpessolano
    Couple of weeks or less to europe
  5. DanWiggins
    The buttons are just as problematic.  It's quite enlightening to measure the FR or THD on an AP connected via a mic/control enabled cable.
  6. DanWiggins
    Well, there is a vent (a calibrated hole, basically) in front of the transducer.  So when you press then IEM into your ear, the air pressure can "leak" out through the front volume and out the vent.  That reduces the "constant pressure" you can get with earplugs.  Yes, it does hamper the NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of the IEM by about 1.5 dB, but we still score really high - and it makes a more comfortable application.  It also enhances the bass quite a bit and lowers THD...
  7. DanWiggins
    We use our vents to tune the performance of the bass and control THD (a vent doesn't just "add bass", it reduces transducer excursion over a bandwidth of an octave or two).  A side benefit is removing the pressure constraint when you insert an IEM into your ear canal.
  8. fpessolano
    Can you explain why most people find the Ti version rather harsh and unpleasant?
    The Be is such a beauty ad I heard good things also for the the Mg.
  9. Darkestred
    Hey Dan. I put an order in on Monday. Charge is showing as pending and i havent received any confirmation email. Just curious if my order was received. Going to NJ.
  10. czy6412

    You can get the eartips from Final Audio and they have a version which you can easily figure left and right.
  11. fpessolano
    I just places a very thin red tape around the tip extrusion. Not only it is not visible but when visible looks pretty neat :wink:
    I am so happy with my spiraldots that the first ting i did was putting them on my Be.
  12. DanWiggins
    Hi there, I believe it will go out today or tomorrow.  We're catching up from the CanJam; we took the opportunity on Monday to have a full-team summit.  We have members of our team located in the Boston area, Vancouver, BC, as well as SoCal - so a summit was called and held!  Product is shipping out today and tomorrow.
  13. Darkestred
    Much appreciated, Dan.
  14. datranz
    How is the resolution compare to some of the others?
  15. 1TrickPony
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