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  1. E

    Periodic Audio Beryllium Cable Quality?

    Could anyone comment on whether or not Periodic Audio's Beryllium IEM is sturdy or not? It seems quite thin to me, with a diameter of 1.5mm and looks like it is prone to breaking. If anyone owns the Be, could they comment on the build quality of it?
  2. jurumal

    Audeze iSine 20 vs. Periodic Audio Be

    Okay, I know some of you are probably thinking this is an unfair match-up. Open-back in-ear vs Closed-back, Dynamic Beryllium vs. Planar magnetic, $300 vs. $600. I know these are two very different headphones, but I would like to know your guys opinions, especially those who have tried or own...
  3. Periodic Audio Beryllium (Be)

    Periodic Audio Beryllium (Be)

    Specifications Frequency Response 12 Hz to 45 kHz Impedance 32 Ohms nominal Sensitivity 100 dB SPL at 1mW in ear Power Handling 20 mW continuous THD Less that 1% THD at 1mW Material Properties Melting Point 1560 Kelvin Speed of Sound 12890 meters per second Young's Modulus 287 Gigapascals...
  4. Marburger

    Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

    Hi all,   I have searched about Periodic Audio eims in Head-fi and couldn't find any dedicated thread for this new born company. Also, I am interested to hear your impressions about their EIMs, if you own any of them. Actually, I liked their approach in developing their products and I have...