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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. fpessolano

    The Campfire are still twice more expensive.
    I agree that the soundstage is ok but not great, on some sources it gets much better like for anime or movies.
  2. Marburger
    The Be needs some burn in for several hours. The sound has really opened lately than I first received them. Initially it felt a bit splashy in upper frequencies. Now the soundstage has more air.   
  3. AudAud
    Can you please help me out here. I need some review, impression about the Mgs. I am not willing to put down $300 for the Bes (or probably can't afford :) them) the Bes at this time. But I need to know about the impressions of audiophiles like you who may have bought Mgs or at least tried one. Anybody please? Thanks.
  4. meringo
    I spent about 5 minutes with them at CanJam, so take the following with a grain of salt. They have excellent extension in both directions, especially the treble. Due to the size/weight, I'd probably take them over most everything out there at $100, maybe even my 1More Triple.
    AudAud likes this.
  5. AudAud
    Thanks Meringo
    Your comment about 1More triple is quite relevant for me as I do own(ed) the triples a while ago and loved them so much. The only problem I had with them was their weight as I prefer headphones which are really light on my ears, else my ears get fatigued very quickly and I have some kind of resistance towards things hanging in my ears which are too heavy. Another issue I had with the triples was their metal body, I didn't like the cold touch of the metal body of the triples to my ears.
    Thanks once again for your comments. I guess I will give them a try.
  6. XERO1
    Then the Periodic IEMs probably aren't for you.  They're pretty chunky.
  7. AudAud
    Well.. I don't mind chunky if they sound good. I have more issue with IEMs if they are heavy (and based on the website info, company claims that they have tried to keep them as light as possible). In fact I tried to find out the weight of them in the specs, but they have not mentioned weight anywhere :frowning2:. Any case thanks for the input.
  8. Darkestred
    They are super light though.  The Be's i do not feel are that chunky.
  9. AudAud
    Yes, I think that is why I feel these may work out for me. Btw, a quick question - what is the return policy? Or is there one exist even? Thanks.
  10. dnullify
    Awe man! With my easily triggered tinnitus this normally scares me off.
  11. duracek

    You might be better looking at something with more substantial bass then. I would suggest looking at some of the Trinity audio products that combine a dynamic driver with a BA. This combination gives a deeper bass with less sibilance in the highs while still delivering amazing detail.
  12. dnullify
    I was actually looking at an alternative to Trinity. Not terribly excited about them at the moment.
  13. gward4
    My experience with the BE is that they have plenty of bass, and the treble is nice and smooth (not too bright or harsh).
  14. Darkestred

    I have tinnitus too. Id say not a horrible case but these have been fantastic..as mentioned weights and quick bass. Eq for more. Very much wow.
  15. sodesuka
    I think their (Be's) tonality veering ever slightly to bright. Not a problem in most of my playlist but it can and does sound bright in recordings that are also brightly mastered (lots of Japanese indies for example).
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