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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. Mark Maloof
    I'm coming to the party a bit late here, but just wanted to say that I got to listen to the BE on a whim at RMAF, and was incredibly impressed for the $. Listened for a while. Then I was bummed that they were not available for months, and sort of forgot about them. Glad I saw this posting, ordering a pair....
  2. duracek

    Sounds fair. How many grams are used in the BE drivers?
  3. DanWiggins
    Yes, we are "utilitarian",  We believe a lot of our customers don't want flash, do not see headphones/IEMs as fashion accessories but tools to bring grins to their face... :)  Focus just on that - the experience (and what it takes to let that experience happen - comfort, fit, durability) and the rest kind of falls by the wayside.  We could do machined wood or aluminum enclosures (with their acoustical issues), we could do woven/braided wires, we could do pressed paper gift boxes - and we could double or triple our MSRP.  But then - what about the number of smiling faces?
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  4. DanWiggins
    Good question - let me do the math...  8.5mm diameter, 30 micron thickness, yields 0.0017 CC.  Density of 1.85 g/CC means right around 3.1 milligrams.
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  5. Trying2Learn
    Ok, that makes a lot of sense! Thanks! :)
  6. JaeYoon
    Hey Dan! I need to ask, how big is an upgrade from MG to the BE is in your opinion and any other member like to chime in?
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  7. materix01

    My MG and BE were both shipped last week and arrived in the country over the weekend. However due to the public holiday tomorrow, I don't expect to get it for another 48 hours but I'll try to remember to write up some quick impressions between them.
  8. JaeYoon
    Thanks :)
  9. gward4

    That would be interesting to hear from someone who has both. Thanks in advance!
  10. Aradea
    Subbed. Wondering when these will be available in other parts of asia aside from Japan
  11. FunctionalDoc
    Thanks Dan and Zeke,
    I go my BE IEM'S and will have to say they are great . The bass is better than HE 400I 's and have a wider sound stage also. These punch in a much higher price  category. I agree with Zeke I think the packaging doesn't need to be fancy. The other great product I have bought with simple packaging was my RSA Blackbird SR71-B  portable balanced amp.  I bought these never hearing them based on what others have said and the great information that Dan has shared with no BS .
    I love the light weight and comfort.  I look forward to shaking the team's hands's at RMAF this coming October. The  5 year warranty , the  great sound, price, and comfort sets a new  standard for other IEM"s to match. 
    Great Job Periodic Audio Team.
  12. Marburger

    Yeah. This comparison will be interesting to hear. Looking forward for your impressions
  13. meringo
    Just received my BE! I'm not going to write too much about sound yet, but they are as good as I remember. I also was re-surprised by just how lightweight these are -- the type you can put in on your way out the door and forget about them 30 steps later.
  14. meringo
  15. DanWiggins
    Elac Subwoofer Optional...
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