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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. datranz
    Dan have you considered sending a set to fellow members brooko and crinnacle to review. Or do what. Most other start up do, set up a demo tour. for those who want to demo put their names and mailing address so after the first member is done , they just ship it to the next member, and so on like a recursion until last member.
  2. datranz
    Yep!!! soundstage improve dramatically amped, it's much more spacious and 3D. scales very well, only problem is you have to be careful because it can get really loud. "what??? I can't hear you???what did you say???" It can get painfully loud. LOL!! Dangerous shiet!!
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2017
  3. FunctionalDoc
    What are the type of tips that are shipped on my BE as standard ? Like to have extra set or 2 .
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2017
  4. Hansotek
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  5. materix01
    Sorry for the delayed impressions. The Head-Fi site change had me working out how to find my subs.

    Unfortunately the Mg must have been forgotten so I ended up only receiving the BE for now.

    Had about 3 days of listening so far. It sounds pretty great and the sound signature is quite pleasing. Nothing feels too much out of place and vocals are a touch warm. Mid bass hit a lot harder than I was expecting and quite fast. It's got some of the limitations in soundstage and 3D imaging that some single driver IEMs have over multiple driver setups (a good contract in what you can get at this price are the FLC8S which excel in those areas). I certainly think you're getting your money's worth or more with the sound.

    Very comfortable and fairly lightweight. Nice selection of included tips. The case is on the small side and could be a bit bigger. I'd probably use another case just to save time. Can get some way better ones for like $10 from Aliexpress. Build quality is going to be the main cause of concern. The Be doesn't feel flimsy but it's also not what you really expect for $300

    I'll put a full review up in a few weeks.
  6. datranz
    I can't believe I'm saying this, Dac does matter, and these be will let you know it.
  7. JohnIgel
    If you want jewelry, look elsewhere. If you want great sound, the Periodic Be is a really good choice.

    Thanks Dan for the excellent service. I ordered the Be IEMs on a Friday morning and received them on Saturday afternoon via USPS priority mail! I’m a long-time audiophile, but new to IEMs. For my taste, headphones were always second-rate to good speakers in a good 2-channel audio system. It is only recently (10-15 yrs) that headphones and corresponding headphone amps have become good enough to be an alternative to good speakers. I have a pair of Oppo PM-3s paired with the Oppo HA-1 in the balanced configuration and the sound is very, very good. There is great synergy and musicality with the pairing. And that is what matters to me, musicality, tonality and good detail. Recently I decided to experiment with a portable rig and purchased the Cayin i5 DAP and the 1More Triple Driver IEM. The DAP was important because I don’t like compressed audio and needed something to play FLAC files. Being new to the IEM world I decided to start with something relatively inexpensive and with good, positive reviews. The combo sounds really good, but the 1More TD, although a really good sounding for the price was not nearly on par with the PM-3s. I contemplated the next level of IEM for a while, considered Noble Audio Trident and the 1More Quad Driver before discovering the Periodic Be.

    The Be's have a very nice detailed sound with great tonality and musicality. The kick drum from the intro to Hotel California (Hell Freezes Over) has good speed, weight and impact. The piano and bass in East of the Sun (Live in Paris) have great tonality. Melody Gardot's voice is simply mesmerizing in Baby I'm a Fool (My One and Only Thrill), it's liking sitting at the front table in a small jazz club. Eric Clapton's guitar in Signe (Unplugged) has wonderful acoustic guitar tonality. Cassandra Wilson's version of The Weight (Belly of the Sun) sounds great through the Be's. The bass is defined and not muddy and bloated as it can be on lesser headphones.

    Overall I'm very impressed by the Periodic Be IEMs! I'll be keeping my eye on future offering from Periodic. Keep up the good work Dan!
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  8. Cinder
    I just took my first listen of the Mg.

    Dear lord Dan, what sorcery is this? The sheer clarity and balance out of the box (via any of my sources) is incredible.

    I don't mean to hype, but it's been a while since I put an IEM into my ears and went "wow".
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  9. materix01
    Haha, any do I see a 5/5 review coming Cinder?
  10. DanWiggins
    The blackest of black magic. We use 3 drops of unicorn blood and sacrifice a bushel of fava beans in the creation of each IEM.

    It's just good, clean engineering of a transducer and the acoustic volume in front and behind the transducer. And really good materials. We use polycarbonate for the housing a reason, rather than metal. it simply is an acoustically superior material. The fact it's light weight, doesn't feel cold OR hot to the touch, and is lower cost is all gravy.

    We also make sure that our IEMs play nicely with cell phones - which guarantees excellent results with amps and DAPs. A nice and high 32 Ohm impedance and high sensitivity (as high as allowed per EN50332) make them work really well with cell phones. Portable means you shouldn't have to have an extra bit of kit to be satisfying. Yes, an external amp or DAP helps, but you can get very good results with just a phone (I listen to mine about 70% of the time straight off my Samsung Note 5 - Tidal, streaming or offline media).
    Last edited: May 4, 2017
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  11. shuto77
    Looking forward to getting my pair tomorrow.

    What large/xl tips do people recommend? L Spiral Dots and Spinfits are too small for me.
    Last edited: May 7, 2017
  12. datranz
    So after 3 weeks of use, the be utilitarian chassis grew on me, it's so easy to put and take off compare to my ciems, and the light housing is a major contributor to comfort. The bass hits a lot harder than any others iems I have In the stable. What I do notice is that it's a little warmer than nuetral and the sounds stage is very dependant on the source. On my e18 from my laptop, some songs sounds much more spacious than on my iPhone 6s. I loan it to my friend yesterday and the first thing he said was "where's the bass?" I told him to push it in for a good seal. Two minutes later he was bobbing his head and was in a zone. He came back saying he has to get one. He said he's not just listening the music, he feels the music like never before. End of story. Suggestion to dan for next iteration: 1. It needs removable cable. 2. Nicer cosmetic because impression is half of the perception. 3. Chin slider and winga.
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  13. Darkestred
    The BEs really are a wonderful IEM. The bass almost hits like speaker subwoofers. Just a lovely dynamic with these. I have been happy with them and see no need to upgrade. However, i am curious what Periodic has down the pipeline :) :) :)
  14. JaeYoon
    Wow that's good to know about Polycarbonate!
    I still love the MG's over all other IEM's I have that have metal casings.
  15. fadedlogic
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