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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. meringo
    I agree -- I'm fine with the polycarbonate body. They are super lightweight and easily my most comfortable universal. I'm not sure why it's a criticism in some reviews -- especially since Periodic has solid reasoning behind it.

    poly = lightweight, better sound (science!)
    fadedlogic likes this.
  2. fadedlogic
    I just ordered Be's and one of the reasons being how lightweight they are. I hope they make an iOS model with mic so I don't after carry multiple headphones when I travel as TSA is becoming more intrusive all the time.
  3. fadedlogic
    I'm looking for some aftermarket tips for my Be's; any suggestions? What size bore for Comply's?
  4. datranz
    I use comply 500 series and jvc spirals. spirals will have a little less bass, and more linear. But the bass is so awesome on comly and clarity is off the chart with spirals.
    anyone have any comparisons they would like to share?
  5. DanWiggins
    We are compatible with:

    Comply T400 and T500 sizes
    SpinFit CP100
    www.earphonesplus.com sizes 4 and 5
  6. fadedlogic
    Thanks so much. I love the Be's; willing to sacrifice a little sound quality for an iOS mic cable...just saying. Keep up the fine work!
  7. Richsvt
    It's sort of hard to see from the pictures I've seen, but are these meant to be worn wire facing down or can they be worn up behind the ear?
  8. fadedlogic
    It works fine either way. The IEM's are so light you kind of forget about them once inserted. I wear them both ways and don't notice a difference. I love the sound of me Be's!
  9. Richsvt
    I just joined the Magnesium followers here. Looking forward to hearing how these sound. Will be using mostly with my Cayin N3 and X5iii.
    JaeYoon likes this.
  10. DanWiggins
    Also try them straight off your phone; the high, flat 32 Ohm impedance makes them work well with most phones so you don't always need another player if you just want to dash out quick. They thrive with better amps and DACs, but it's certainly not necessary for very good performance.
  11. Richsvt
    Thanks Dan. I appreciate your feedback. Just as a weird aside, I am old fashion as I use my phone for talking and small information gathering. When I listen to music, it is most always from a quality DAP or my desktop system. No compromise for tunes.
  12. datranz
    Is it me, I think comply sound the best. But I don't like foam too long in my ears, they itch.
  13. Richsvt
    I just got my ship notification. Can't wait to try these out. Been a tough month, these should prove to be a nice treat. Keeping my eye on the Be.
  14. Darkestred
    Still loving these little guys. Sometimes my cable gets caught under my DAP as i am putting them into the ear, so one ear will drop onto the desk. My back plate came off ): I can put it back on but it doesn't sit flush anymore. Oh well. Just rambling.
  15. cleg
    My impressions about excellent Periodic Audio's debut

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