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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. datranz
    BE hits much harder, what is needs is a buttkicker transducer body suit attach to the body.
  2. Darkestred
    I eq more bass... but it is just so lovely.  Its like it hits hard but its not that hard...its so beautiful and quick.
  3. wardo783
    I've been running my Sony Z1R headphones from a Mojo and attended SoCal CanJam looking for different amp/dac ideas. I bought the Be that weekend and have been exclusively listening to them for the past two weeks. Not sure if it's new toy syndrome but as much as I love My Z1R's, I have not once had the urge to put them on. I'm sure that will change with time but I cannot express how happy I am with these IEMs. 
  4. datranz
    It's very song dependent, edm song hits hard, I come from fx850 (This hits harder, faster). Love songs are sublime, bass does not bleed into the voice at all, just lovely. These be are very sensitive. It can get bleeding loud on my iPhone. No amp needed. I haven't try it with an amp yet because I'm already more than loud enough with my iPhone. Maybe I'll try just for fun tomorrow. One more thing, I wish these have chin slider and ear fins . I'm so used to ear fina because sometime I drop my phone or when I workout, it's more sturdy.
  5. Marburger
    Actually I did not need any earlocks with them. The Be feels lightweight and stay firm in my ears. i have relatively small ears and I use only small ear tips. In subway they isolate well and but don't completely cut rumbling low noise of the train. i would rate 4 out of 5 for isolation. 
    I did not experiment much with foam tips, but initial impressions were bass FR seemed suffer more then normal tips. Finally, I do not use double collar tips at all. Can't stand them in my ear. Very strange feelings :frowning2: All these Not related to the BE,   
    I wish all manufacturers put into package some " Monster Super Tips". These gel filled tips were superb to use when I got my Monster Turbine Pro. I wonder why others still don't manufacture them?
    Are these patented?    
  6. audi0nick128

    Hey there,
    are you listening to the Be with Mojo?
    Impedance should not be an issue at 32 Ohm, but the power handling of 20mW bothers me a bit... I am new to (quality) IEMs so I may be overthinking :)

    How does the BE scale on Mojo compared to directly from phone?

  7. DanWiggins
    Our power rating of 20 mW is an IEC 268-5 rating, which uses band-limited (audio band) pink noise with a crest factor of 6 dB, for a minimum of 100 hours continuous.  Effectively these will handle 20 mW non-stop with peaks well above 80 mW.  With a sensitivity around 100 dB @ 1 mW, this represents a continous SPL level of 113 dB SPL and peaks of approximately 120 dB SPL.  Levels well, WELL beyond what you should be listening to.
  8. audi0nick128
    oh yeah, didn't see the sensitivity rating... like I said didn't bother for IEMs before :)

    Thanks for clearing this up DanWiggins

    Any news on availability from European dealers?
    Will you be at Munich with some BEs to sell?

  9. DanWiggins
    We will not be at Munich...  Just finished CanJam LA and are getting ready for the LA Audio Show.
  10. audi0nick128
    thanks for letting me know anyway...

    I am zeroing in on the BEs as my first high quality IEMs... would love to hear them before... but I probably won't be able to resist too long :)

  11. meringo
    I've got a 2 hour flight this morning.ill be using the Be, but if the plane noise is too much, I'll put on my NC headphones.... ...as in, put them on but continue to listen to the Be.

    This sound signature is so addicting.
  12. Darkestred
    I have had fit issues in the past. Aside from phonak 122 and vsonic gr07 1st edition, these are right up there. Never once fell out.

    They seem to isolate well. At work i used to be able to hear people or pull one ear out. Now its both.
  13. gward4

    I can't speak to the Mojo, but I did find that it scaled welll with my Grace m9xx, compared to the iPhone 7. Most notably, the bass was tighter and better controlled out of the m9xx, to my ears.
  14. audi0nick128
    thanks gward4...
    I ll probably pull the trigger, soon :)
  15. datranz
    i doesn't fall out of my ears either, but i'm so used to ear fins that's all.  I did say its very comfortable, i only use comply so far, and the bass just hits hard without bleeding, i'm going to amp it today and test out a few of my favorite ear tips, ortorfone, spirals, and trinity tips.  I like comply because they isolate so well. one thing i notice when running outside on a windy day is wind noise over the vent, but not really a big deal.
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