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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. gward4

    I don't have much experience describing sound, as I'm fairly new to the forum and hobby, but I'll definitely share my thoughts.

    Generally speaking, the BE lines up well with my preferred sounds signature. (I'm a Planar fan and my full-size favorite is the LCD3 through the Deckard amp). I find the BE to provide a similarly smooth, warm and engaging experience. Bass and dynamic impact is definitely the first thing I noticed with the BE, but it doesn't overwhelm the mids and treble.

    Right now I'm listening to Cat Power and the vocals through the BE sound very realistic and warm and intimate. I feel like I'm hearing the full range of the singers voice, without the artificial or "digital" sounding high tones that I sometimes get from BAs or hybrids.

    Last night I did some A/B comparison with the BE and the iBasso IT03 (both through the Grace m9xx). I feel like the BE is similarly high-quality like the IT03, with some clear differences owing to the IT03 being a hybrid. It's a big compliment when I say the BE is on par with the IT03, since I feel the IT03 is outstanding for its price ( or any price).

    It was a fun comparison. I don't think one is "better" than the other, just a different experience.

    The IT03 sounds more "precise" with more separation, like I'm sitting in the middle of a concert hall for some jazz or classical. The IT03 keeps the sounds wide, but also a little distant. The Be feels more like a small club with a more intimate sound. I "feel" the music, and I feel close to the band/singer. I must say that the BE doesn't lose by much when it comes to sound stage clarity. The BE seems remarkably balanced across the whole spectrum and has a surprisingly wide soundstage.

    Between these two, I would use the Be for rock, EDM, blues, rap. I would use the IT03 for classical and jazz and cinematic soundtracks.

    This hasn't been directly responsive to your question, it hopefully I've conveyed a bit of my experience with the BE.
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  2. Asspirin
    No shipping to North Korea! lol

    Nice one, thanks!
  3. Kundi
    Has anyone ordered from Canada? I was wondering how much shipping was and how long it took? Thanks.
  4. datranz
    Out of curiosity, is this you?
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  5. jude Administrator
    That's Dan. (That's a cool video, by the way, so thanks for linking it.)
    He's done a lot of work in the industry--respected, seasoned, experienced, and I'm glad to see him working on his own IEMs with Periodic Audio.
  6. Marburger
    Finally received my Be early in the morning. Initial impressions: it sounds balanced, a little bit warm maybe. Revealing.
    The sound-stage is source dependent. When music calls for it can be wide and deep but not overly distant. Vocals have nice presence. Definitely I need more time to build up my final impressions.    
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  7. fpessolano

    Same here, stage is variable. Not too bad but not very extended for most music. I love their detail and dynamic.
  8. 1TrickPony

    cool, sounds like the likes of pinnacle p1 and it03, where the reflect the true nature of the recorded soundstage -- hopefully this should be fun for live stuff.
  9. datranz
    The hell, I gave go mine yet!!!:rage:
  10. DanWiggins
    That be me...  I've tried to maintain a low profile, but after 27 years of making noise, I do pop up occasionally... :wink:
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  11. datranz
    I ordered mine Monday, and it still sat waiting for item as of today by usps.
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  12. 1TrickPony

    boy oh boy, I'm gonna have to ask you about them once they arrive! congrats
  13. Trying2Learn
    Sorry if this was already addressed but why is the thread name with an "EIM" rather than "IEM"?
  14. dnullify
    Does anyone have the Mg yet? Some further impressions would be appreciated.
  15. JaeYoon
    I'm also wanting to buy MG before dropping on BE.
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