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Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

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  1. Asspirin
    sometimes it's just moisture in your ears
  2. jude Administrator

    The plots I posted (as @FUYU pointed out, and as was stated in my previous post) used DF compensation. (Smoothing was 1/12.) Here is Periodic Audio's measurement of their Be model (which I've posted as the first graph below, cut off at 20kHz)--this is raw and not smoothed.

    (Click on the graphs below to view them in a larger size.)

    Dan describes his measurement setup at the following link: In mensura et in arte musica aurem

    Here are my raw plots, no smoothing, with a slight adjustment to Y-axis settings (versus my previous measurements) to make it more similar to Periodic Audio's Y-axis range.


    And here's my comparison again to the Etymotic ER4SR, this time both raw, smoothed 1/12.


    Here is our system that I used for the measurements above:

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  3. 1TrickPony

    Thanks Jude. I'm curious how fast this handles metal. I can only imagine what to expect, good overall weight with the sound from bottom up. good body even, and hoping there'd be no recession in mids. I cannot stand hollow and recessed mids, with fanboys constantly yelling "yeah well my iem is better because it's close to TOTL sound!" ... sigh...

    hopefully people can throw more helpful descriptives here because there's a lot going for this new kid in town especially the Be...
  4. Marburger
    Finally "something" arrived to my local post office. Yey[​IMG] got now a notification
  5. FUYU

    Thanks alot, jude.
  6. fpessolano
    HAs anybody tries both the Be and the Campfire Lyra/Dorado? I am wondering if, especially the dorado, is complementary to the be
  7. gward4

    I have the Lyra II arriving in a couple weeks, and I can't wait to do some comparisons with the BE. I imagine I will keep both and use the Lyra II at home and the BE when I'm on the go. I'll definitely post some thoughts.
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  8. 1TrickPony
    looking forward to these thoughts. how's the midrange like? texture, sweetness, timbre, vocals and the rest of the wagon?
  9. fpessolano
    I have the feeling that lyra and be will be not too dissimili, the dorado truly interests me. 
  10. 1TrickPony

    you must really crave for that V sound
  11. fpessolano
    It is more of  W sound that is why it interests me
  12. Darkestred

    I'll see if i can base the Dorado off the Be when mine arrives.  I really liked the Dorado but i also remember it being pretty dark and biased towards the lows.
  13. 1TrickPony

    you might want to refer to Jacpot77's review. he's got good ears (my esteem of his quality of hearing and documenting)
  14. fpessolano
  15. 1TrickPony

    Hopefully that'll help.
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