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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. rcoleman1
    Anybody know how a U.S. resident like myself can buy the Oriolus Version 2? Thanks.
  2. 3nenbgumi
    I think your safest bet would be musicaacoustics.
  3. rcoleman1
  4. jmills8
    Why not contact the company ?
  5. rcoleman1
    I contacted Oriolus via email and they stated that they have a waiting list with no specified date of delivery. Must be high demand for the V2.
  6. fortress34
    Musicaacoustics is the best as always..
    I'll receive mine today..
    Thanks to Dimitri..
  7. rcoleman1
     What's your impression of the Oriolus stock cable? Wondering if I should seek an immediate upgrade.
  8. 3nenbgumi
    Really though, I don't think I'm the most qualified person to speak about the matter as I don't have extensive experience with different versions of the Oriolus (mine is the Chinese one, as stated above while the one you're going to buy is the Japanese one I presume). Personally, I think the stock cable that came with mine is of pretty high quality look and durability wise. I got a freebie cable that came with it that had the best ergonomics I've ever tried, but it seemed to smooth out the sound quite a bit.
    Personally I'd rather put any money I could squeeze out from myself towards a high quality DAP now, since my good old AK100 doesn't look like it has enough grunt to maximize the potential of the Oriolus. YMMV, of course
  9. boomtube
    Just got these yesterday...they sound PHENOMENAL. Even with the stock cable they're outstanding and they're not even close to burned in. 0615160951.jpg
  10. boomtube
  11. corn
    Hi all, I've been a mk2 user for a while now. Bought it purely because of the sound. Have been enjoying it but recently when taking the train i find that the isolation is not as ideal due to the vent. I'm just wondering if there are any diy solution here to improve the isolation.
  12. jmills8
    crank the volume a bit.
  13. 3nenbgumi
    Would you mind elaborating on how they fare against the others in your inventory?
  14. boomtube
    They take crown when it comes to bass.

    Right now I have Rhapsodio Solar, Roxanne Universal, ToGo 334 and K10's. I'd have to listen to these quite a bit more to make comparisons. I will say these are TOTL/endgame level IEM's. Off the bat, I'd say they're to my ears an improved 334, bass is tight with excellent depth, and mids/highs are crystal clear with awesome detail. I'll have more to say in a couple weeks.
  15. Indo79
    I just have to say, these IEMs are marvelous, simply brilliant!
    Prior to purchasing them, I was using Shure 535s for the longest time (since they came out). Went to my local store and they told me to try the Oriolus, I was floored but the price was also more than double my 535s. Went back a few more times and each time was wow'ed. 
    I then tried the TG334s and MH334s universals at the same store, did not give me the same wow factor. Ended up purchasing these babies and have been listening to them as much as I can. Even with my PM-2 at home, and PM-3 in the office, these are the ones I end up listening to 98% of the time. 
    100% agree with boomtube. Bass is super tight and controlled, mids/vocals are forward and very clear. These are with stock silver cables with the black plastic jack housing. 
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