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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. Kerouac
    Sure, I believe you and I would love to try them myself sometimes [​IMG]
    But...what about the competition on other planets? [​IMG]
  2. 3nenbgumi
    Hey folks I'm back, this time with a slightly more extended audition. My impressions are still the same as before, albeit with the addition of the bass - holy crap this thing really output DD kind of bass - deep, punchy, powerful...you name it. It reached the lowest registers of frequencies in a way that my 13's could not hope to achieve, though at the expense of being (very) slightly more bloated. All in all, a very addictive and musical listen while preserving some of the best technical performance that I have experienced. That was the final nail in the coffin for me, though I did not dislike the idea of slurping ramen for the rest of the month with these in my possession [​IMG]
  3. Wil
    Copper 22 (Balanced 2.5mm) - will have to have an extended listen to see how it affects the sound. 

    The Tinsel sounded way too anemic in the bass for my liking, but the Copper seems to be a different story altogether. 
    Using a 2.5mm to 3.5mm for the Mojo for now. 
  4. 3nenbgumi
    ^^ Hi ya. How did you find the Oriolus with the DP-X1?
  5. pinoyman
    did anyone tried comparing the ORIOLUS to the fitear togo mh334?
  6. michaelc
    I have Oriolus mk2 (with silver cable/international version).
    Briefly tried MH334 universal version at one of Jaben store.
    MH334 has better high extension, more spacious and sound more smooth with female vocal.
    Very addictive sound if you listen to female vocal.
    Other than that, I feel Oriolus is a better all around iem IMHO.
  7. 3nenbgumi
    Did you mean the TG!334? Better presence at the high frequencies,more spacious, harder but tighter and deeper bass but the vocals on the Oriolus cannot match the sheer emotion on the 334's, all IMHO. More versatile for sure, but if your music library is mainly made up of vocals, the 334s are going to be hard to beat (at least with stuff that I've owned up until now) 
  8. jmills8
    By vocals you mean a female singing ?
  9. pinoyman
    hmmm... the topic gets more interesting..
    this will really help me decide to purchase whichever is best among the two.
  10. 3nenbgumi
    Precisely. Or perhaps I should have phrased it "female vocals". My bad
    Please do note that any comparison between my Oriolus and TG334! was made based on my memory since I have sold my TG! a while ago (we all know that audio memory is probably not the most reliable thing in the world). But one thing I can definitely tell you is that the two things that struck me the first few times I listened to the Oriolus were the soundstage and the bass. It's still the honeymoon period so I'll refrain from saying anything that's going to make me look like an idiot later on, but this one seems pretty much a keeper for now especially at the price I got it (approx. U$900, and and extra cable with the best ergonomics I've ever experienced)
  11. Fizban
    I agree with you......so long as we're talking about Oriolus version 1.
    In my honest opinion, the Oriolus version 2 is a different matter: as much as I love the tg334, the Oriolus version 2 is technically superior and made me end my obsession with fitear.
    Nuff said.
    Peace out.
  12. 3nenbgumi

    No problemo. IMO, the Oriolus v2 is definitely superior to the TG! when it comes to technical prowess (as is my jh13). Truth be told, I sold my TG! and recouped a fair amount on it, so I was looking for some cheaper replacement to use in my office. I was fairly interested from all the rave reviews, but frankly I did not expect to buy it since importing it from Japan would be expensive. Then one day I found out that a local store was carrying it. Nice. But the price at which they were selling would be almost what I got for my used TG!. Nah forget it. And then they had a sale on it. I was mustering all the cash I got left in my body and braved in for an audition. Bang. And here I am with my Oriolus and enough ramen for yhe rest of the month. But I'm happy :D

    Got to say though, this thing is so musical that every time when I was trying to evaluate its technicality, half way through everything just got thrown out of the window and I found myself just enjoying the music
  13. Fizban
    Is yours the version 2?
    I gather there are SEVERAL iterations of versions 2s around.
    I have tried a couple and only the "Japanese version" one with PWAudio No. 5 cable is a significant leap from the version 1.
    The Chinese version was mediocre.
    Which is yours?
  14. costas23
    But the difference between the Oriolus mk2s is only the cable, right?
    The housings of the various versions (japanese/chinese etc.) should be the same 
  15. Fizban
    Hence, the importance of cable.
    The PWAudio No.5 made it an instant buy.
    I tried the tg334 side by side with the Oriolus version 2 (the one with PWAudio No. 5 cable) for about 30 mins and notwithstanding my sentimental yearning for tg334, I concluded the Oriolus version 2 was clearly superior.
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