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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. viper2377

    Nice..starting to get excited all over again! I too plan on using Spiral Dots and have a DP-X1.. Also may try it with my mojo! Cheers
  2. viper2377
    Excellent presentation, the finish on the V2 is flawless and the case is awesome.. Wish it had a form fit foam inside for the IEM.. Took a quick listen with X5ii and Mojo and was extremely impressed. Will listen later with DP-X1 in balanced mode... Will take some time to gather thoughts and impressions of sound. The built quality is excellent though, on par with my Empire Ears Spartans! Maybe even better finishing..more specifically the bores are beautiful and no immediately visible seam on the backshell. With that said, I only gave it a quick view before I put them in. I have medium to smallish ears and they fit extremely well with an even better seal. They do stick out.. But it is very tolerable. Actually I was blown away with the comfort given they are a large iem. They fit better than my 535's, Velvets and EE Spartan's... Cheers

  3. Uncle E1
    Oriolus v2 with the prototype Dita Truth (Van Den Hul) cables (soon to be released) [​IMG]
  4. Fizban
    Are the Van Den Hul cables as un-wieldy as the ones on Dita Truth?
  5. Kerouac
    This combination undoubtedly must sound fantastic [​IMG]
    Any idea:
    - when that Dita Truth cable will be launched for retail?
    - what it will cost?
    Thanks in advance...
  6. Uncle E1

    It is the same cables, find it manageable.
    end-May at USD500+
  7. TheMiddleSky
    Clear and stood-out vocal, great imaging, satisfied sub-bass presence, airy smooth treble, easily become my new favourite!
    dilpal and Haonan like this.
  8. yeti66
    Gentlemen, I am a new member and this is my first post.....I own a Oriolus2 in combination with a Opus1 DAP.

    This is truly an awsome combination ....now I will have a look to an affordable balanced cable, around 250$.

    Any thoughts....?

    Best regards from Germany
  9. Wil
  10. pinoyman
    to those who wants to sell their pair, pls let me know. :) 
    im interested. 
    i think im going to buy an ORIOLUS than the hum or the rhinestage 7 (which is almost twice the price of oriolus)
  11. SevenEight
    Hi , what is the price in SG ?
  12. yeti66
    Thank you Wil! Do you used this Cable with the Oriolus? I am looking for an balanced cable with Natural sound, Not bright like an Bad Silver cable....
  13. Kerouac
    Nice pic! [​IMG]
    Just curious: it became your new favourite compared to what other iems?
  14. Currawong Contributor
    I've renamed the thread, as Orilus Audio is a separate company.
    Uncle E1 likes this.
  15. kimD

    $1599 SGD
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