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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. avesta07
    Finally got the chance to review oriolus in the local heaphone store !

    Not having much difficulty with the fit, very comfort to wear
    Amazing tily litte IEM, the bass is tight and not bloated, vocal also awesome , and treble is never harsh

    for jazz and rock is also good. Listened to some anisong its awesome.

    Now i think 334 finally got contender :D
  2. pinoyman
    will you tell me the difference between ORIOLUS version 1 and ORIOLUS version 2?
  3. Raketen
    Apparently there's a new Oriolus hybrid coming out at a lower price point: http://www.musicaacoustics.com/#!Oriolus-Japan-at-Headphone-Spring-Fest-Tokyo-Japan-2016/cgfd/572414070cf2dcaa5312fb60

  4. Sonic Ecstasy
    If anyone is willing to sell their Oriolus mk2 at a used price, please drop me a pm. Can't audition these as i live in london and the brand new price is completely out of my range.
  5. Indo79
    It seems different regions have different stock cables for Oriolus. 
    Mine came with silver with a black plastic 3.5mm connector. Looks different from the pictures in this thread.
  6. Uncle E1
    the Japanese version comes with PW's copper.  the China domestic version comes with a different copper while the export version comes with silver looking cables.  not sure of the composition though.
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  7. Haonan

    You don't have to be overly concerned with what kind of stock cable are bundled with the Oriolus IEM, because as far as I know there are 3 types of default cable that comes with the original retail version of Oriolus 2nd Generation (aka Mk2) as there are various retail distribution packages for different regional market probably due to various business factor decisions or for marketing reasons unknown to us decided by iBasso Mainland China/Mini-Audio division as well as Cyras Inc Japan.

    As seen on Oriolus 2nd Generation japanese webpage by Cyras Inc/Oriolus Audio officially for japanese market distribution, the japanese retail package's cables actually comes with black IEM connectors with silver 3.5mm TRS jack connector with PW Audio's PVC/rubber sleeving. This cable is known as the PW Audio (Peter Wong) No.5 Anniversary cable created as part of their 5th Anniversary last year, they are quite a well-known Hong Kong based company who has been doing various IEM/headphone cables for audiophile enthusiasts for quite sometime now. The PW Audio No.5 cable's composition materials are made up of single-crystal OCC Copper Litz twisted wires, and the conductor gauge specs is 26 AWG (4-conductor wires) from my own understanding as mentioned on its official facebook page by its creators. For Mini-Audio/iBasso China retail packages, their stock cables are of 6N-grade stranded Copper that are said to be imported/made in America, or at least this was what was explained/described on Mini-Audio's website in Chinese from my understanding. (more information on their official website) There is also another version of stock cable that looks silver-ish on the exterior that I am aware of, typically distributed under by Jaben China/Indonesia as seen on their Instagram account uploaded awhile ago, although in Jaben's case I am not exactly sure of the actual details of their composition build/materials involved. You may wish to PM or contact TheMiddleSky privately yourself as your description of your own cables that comes with your Oriolus export package seems to be the same kind of cable as carried under by Jaben Indonesia.

    I can't tell you exactly what are the technical benefits improvements of Litz twisted cables vs Stranded cables observed in terms of Oriolus IEM's usage scenario, since for each regional retail package each individual stock cable provided by Mini-Audio and Cyras Inc respectively these cables are probably made up of different OCC Copper grade and conductor gauge individually as well which wouldn't really be fair for a proper comparison. However in terms of aesthetics/ergonomics, I do know that generally Litz twisted Copper cables does have the main advantage of reducing the impact of skin microphonics and proximity effect, as well as to reject electromagnetic inteference (EMI) in a positive manner. You can find out more abt these factual informative benefits behind about Litz wire technology via Audio Note's website, as well as from Double Helix Cable as I have seen some quite informative references been mentioned on their websites before.

    In South-East Asia (especially Singapore), I might as well also mention that if you currently own the iBasso/Mini-Audio retail package of Oriolus, but wish to get hold of the PW Audio No.5 Copper Litz cable you can actually do so by visiting Music Sanctuary or by contacting Kozato, as they are one of the official authorised dealers for PW Audio cables according to my understanding. In my most honest and unbiased opinion although for my own scenario case I do have the luxury of pairing up my pair of Oriolus 2nd Gen with other expensively-priced boutique 3rd-party branded cables such as by makers Effect Audio and Crystal Cable respectively, I can't really say the PW Audio No.5 cables are musically weaker than my Effect Audio Mars or Crystal Cable Next PEF23 cables though (although the latter 2 cable offerings does have their own individual sonic advantages and technical improvements of course), as the Copper Litz No.5 from PW Audio is definitely a very sweetly voiced and genre-friendly for listening to most of mainstream contemporary vocals and J-pop to my ears that is for sure.

    Cheers. :xf_eek:
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  8. fortress34
    If there is someone wants to sell their Oriolus mk2's please send a pm to me..
  9. Indo79
    Thank you Haonan!
    I did buy mine from Jaben Indonesia and it is the silver looking cable. Another friend of mine bought the Mini-Audio from Jaben HK and it did have the other copper cable. 
    Jaben just brought in some Effect Audio cables for sampling so I might want to try it out!
  10. CEE TEE
    Hello!  Does anyone know the brand of foam tip that comes with the Oriolus 2?
    My pair were damaged and I'd like to buy a couple of replacement pairs...thanks if anyone knows!
  11. yellowblue
    I am about to order the Effect Audio Thor cable for my Oriolus Gen1. For now I have the upgrade cable Alo Audio No.5. I want first of all cleaner and clearer treble with more sparkle. Will it be worth it?
  12. kimD

    Just make don't order wrong with cooper wire will do
  13. 3nenbgumi
    I had a demo of the Oriolus yesterday at a local audio store, a really short one though where I managed to listen to a few songs on the Oriolus and compare it with my trusty custom JH13's. IMHO, there was not much of a reminiscence of the TG334! (which I regretfully sold a while ago due to financial constraint) as I found the Oriolus to be more natural with better treble emphasis and a more open soundstage. This rendered the Oriolus a lot more versatile, though if you demand soul-touching vocal performance, the TG334! is still the one to beat.
    Comparing back and forth between the two, I was surprised at how my 13's sounded "boxed-in" and claustrophobic against the Oriolus, probably due to the presence of the vents on the housings, though the 13's still had an edge on the imaging. One thing I noticed though is that they seemed to be quite power hungry, at least out of my modded AK100. I still have to do some more auditioning before forking out my money, but needless to say I was pretty smitten with it.
  14. Nomax
    One of the best sounding IEM'S on this Planet


    Regards from Austria

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  15. pinoyman
    cant we ask massdrop for the ORIOLUS? hehehe.
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