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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. costas23
    I have my Oriolus mk1 on sale if anyone is interested... http://www.head-fi.org/t/804962/ibasso-oriolus-hybrid-iem-mk1
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  2. Sonic Ecstasy
  3. costas23
    I don't want to derail this thread, but as you attack me publicly for overpricing, I have to respond :)
    @Sonic Ecstasy I guess you didn't buy the Oriolus new, otherwise you would know that my price is around 75% + shipping fees of the new price (in Europe), which is normal for used items in mint condition. I am from Europe, so maybe it is cheaper in Japan.
    I don't know where you have the 800-900$ from but that was not the new price here. But please lets keep further discussions about my classified via pm :wink:
    The Oriolus mk1 only came out last year and the very positive reviews here are based on that model. It is really an amazing IEM. The changes made to the mk2 are marginal as far as I know, but I didn't hear the mk2 so can't tell for sure. It is said that the new model has a bit more pronounced highs otherwise the same natural and musically rich sound as the mk1. 
    I really like the smooth and musical tone and the vast soundstage 
  4. james444 Contributor
    Heard both, though not side by side. Overall tonality is pretty similar in my book. In fact, the first time I heard the Oriolus, it instantly reminded me of the TG!334. I agree with what's been said about bass, the Oriolus may have a sligthly tighter low end than the FitEar. On the other hand, the FitEar's mids may sound just a smidgen more refined... but that's going by memory, not direct A/B comparison.
  5. rolandpsp
    Can anyone give some impressions compared to Harmony 8 variants (especially) and maybe akg k3003, in bass presence and impact, mids presence as well as low volume listening. Thanks.
  6. thetwistedfew
    Got my set today and I really happy with it.
    please pardon my English and the way I interpret it.

    First impression comparing with togo 334 which I sold not too long ago. Both are great iem and they sound quite similar in some ways.

    - lush mid but
    (don't know if I descript it correctly but is less coloured more natural sounding)
    - bass
    (tighter and slightly more textured)
    - highs
  7. Sonic Ecstasy

    What about the imaging, clarity and micro detailing compared to tg! 334?
  8. avesta07
    thanks for review ! really meed some more review for this IEM.

    going to audition this tomorrow at my local store. hope it will be good as they said *cryforwallet..
  9. Wil
    Is the linum bax 2 pin cable usable with the Oriolus? 
  10. avesta07
    damn !
    went to my local shop and the demo is loaned out to someone else at the moment. the demo will available again Friday next week [​IMG].
    today i also tried the demo of MH334 from FitEar, how much i love the sound  from it, especially the mid and depth soundstage !  [​IMG]
    cant wait until next Friday ~~
  11. Sonic Ecstasy

    Damn, maybe you can ask them to loan it to you for one week in order to extensively review :)

    Aren't the mh334 customs?
  12. avesta07
    hahaha yes i should !
    and yep i tried the demo of the MH334, but some said the sound sig almost the same with the TG334. so it will be my reference to compare with oriolus.
    also tried the MH335DW, but still prefer the 334 because of the mids, female voice become really2 special with the 334.
  13. thetwistedfew

    If anyone has moon audio silver dragon v2 do try pairing it with oriolus.
  14. viper2377

    Which Oriolus? V1 or V2... Also your impressions? My V2 will be arriving tomorrow.. Finally!
  15. Wil
    Just got the Oriolus V2 - running it in with JVC spiral dots and linum bax cables now.
    It surely is an addictive listen. 
    Being powered by my Mojo at the moment. 
    The bass is by far its most outstanding trait - buttery and liquid but not flabby with no bleeding into the mids. 
    I think the biggest compliment i can give it is that it's sound signature sounds like my vintage Tannoy 15" speakers - of course the speakers have better spatial / sound staging cues, but the Oriolus are such a joy to listen to. (i've never been a sound stage freak so i can't really be bothered by it - certainly explains why i sold all my headphones and ended up with IEMS). 
    Vocals are superb as well - fans of Ella Fitzgerald and the like will be digging these IEMs, no doubt. 
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