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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. Kerouac
    If you bought it new, than it's probably the latest (2nd gen.) one, which should look like this...
  2. Telacap99
    Oic the iems themeselves look like that but the cable isn't, with gold connector at the iem side and L shaped 3.5mm single ended plug at dap side.
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  3. Kerouac
    Maybe it was a special upgrade cable in that pic...wouldn't know [​IMG]
    Got the pic from this (earlier) post: http://www.head-fi.org/t/739745/ibasso-oriolus-hybrid-iem/120#post_12186742
  4. Uncle E1
    the set in the picture is solely for the Japanese market only
  5. sdwong
    Demo and bought it straight. However, it's out of stock at the moment and I am number 6 in the queue. The stock tip is too short for me. Fitted well and this IEM sounds great. I chose this instead of the Jupiter and Angie II. Everything sound so natural. I have been listening to my ES5 for 4 years and finally succeeded in looking for a universal fit IEM that I like.

    What are some recommend tips? Shop recommend Spinfit which they claim is longer.
  6. Kerouac
    How would you compare Oriolus' sq and signature vs that of SE5?
    I have JVC spiral dot (M) tips on almost all my universals and these work great for me [​IMG]
    Don't know if they're longer than your stock tips though, but maybe you can try them...
    Btw, welcome to HF (saw the above was your first post)!
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  7. proedros
    it's not the SE5 (spiral ears) he mentioned but the ES5 (westone)

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  8. Sonic Ecstasy
    Are there any comparisons with fitear tg! 334?
  9. Sonic Ecstasy

    Where did you buy yours from?
  10. Uncle E1
    the bass is better controlled (flabby on the  tg334) and the highs are well extended
  11. jmills8
    Flabby bass means it has a lot of bass? What sort of music you listen to ?
  12. Uncle E1
    the bass decay on the tg334 can be overwhelming where the oriolus tightens it.
  13. Sonic Ecstasy

    How would you compare the instrument separation, clarity and imaging of the Oriolus to the tg! 334?
  14. avesta07
    following this discussion, as i saw oriolus in the local shop and they said its on par with the TG334.
    also wondering how it compare with other universal, such as Inear SD4, Tralucent 1Plus2, Shure 846 and Earsonic S-EM6.
  15. zeissiez

    Haven't heard the others, but the Oriolus was way better than 846 and S-EM6, in soundstage width and depth, clarity, and top to bottom coherency.
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