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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. Bjrmd
    Took the plunge and got a set through Amazon.  I have the Shure SE 846 and SE425 to compare to.  Short version- 846 has unbeatable low bass but the Oriolus has great high end and channel sound separation.  The SE425 sounds like garbage compared.  Did some measurements using an Asus Xonar usb card with a calibrated Spl meter's line out and a plastic tube as a coupler-about 1 cc volume, 7 mm distance to the mic.  All tests were done at least 2x to insure consistency.
    I did a spectrum test in RMAA to look for impedance issues on my Note 4 (1.5 ohm) and it was pretty flat--nothing to worry there.
    Sensitivity is close to the Se846 with Spl output within 1-2 dB same input volume.
    Square waves (90 hz):
    THD measurements:
    Frequency comparison:
    Channel matching:
    The 846 definitely has the edge in the low end but the Oriolus has a great treble extension that is very apparent in listening.  I could never get good bass out of the Se425 and its about 10 dB down compared to the others. 
    I am not going to go into subjective analysis but wanted some comparison data.
    I personally really like both.
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  2. Bjrmd
    A few more graphs, but used C weighting (used A above) which gives more gain compensation to the lower freq.
    Effects of taping the port:
    Looks like the port boosts the low bass.
    Comparison to the SE 846 again
    Really same as above but more in line with published specs (on the 846):
    Channel matching- C weight:
    Similar to above-validates technique somewhat:
    I did notice less external sound isolation when using them today out and about compared to the Shure.
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  3. pinoyman
    i have the chance to listen to the ORIOLUS in the DMA store and in the JABEN store in MONKOK, HONGKONG.
    i loved its sound, i find it more of a V shape if compared to the fitear tg334.
    however, i dont agree that the ORIOLUS may sound better, because i find the FITEAR to be the kind of sig ill surely love anytime of the day. :)
    the sound of the fitear is more relaxed. more layered and more of the kind of sig im really after. :)
    the ORIOLUS is good for pop and rock.
    the fitear is for jazz, vocals and blues.
    because of this audition i can clearly say that ill pass on buying the oriolus for the FITEAR purchase.
  4. Aerosphere
    Posted my Oriolus review [​IMG]
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  5. zeissiez
    I mostly agree with your review, these keywords pop up when I heard the Oriolus:Coherency, clarity, musical.
  6. Aerosphere
    I liked it very much to be honest [​IMG]
  7. rcoleman1

    Nice review @Aerosphere . I have the Oriolus V2. Your impressions of the SQ seem spot in. I have the PW Audio #5 upgrade cable but never had the stock cable for comparison. These are excellent "all-around" ear monitors...totally satisfied with my purchase. JVC Spiral Dot tips fit as well.
  8. Aerosphere
    @rcoleman1 Hey, thanks. Oriolus is indeed a very versatile iem. 
    Can't stop thinking about it being 100-200$ cheaper.. It would totally wipe-out sub 1k$ range..
  9. LoneRanger
    Hi all - have heard that these sound similar to the SE846 - is it worth taking the plunge and getting the Oriolus if I already have the 846? Can't audition these in UK and don't really want to dump £900+ if there isn't much between them - if anyone has both and has had a chance to compare, thoughts would be appreciated? Cheers.
  10. corn
    I was a user of 535 for about 3 years before i landed myself with the 846. Initially, i thought the 846 was my end game as they retained the sweet lush mid in 535 and complete it with the true sub-woofer capability. Then my friend had to force me to audition the Oriolus and I never thought that clarity and transparency of a piece of music and song can be brought to this level. I knew that if i never bought it, i will keep thinking about that sound every night... i know deep down that this is better than the 846.
    So if you ask me if this is worth going for, i say go for it and you will never look back. However, the only thing i miss about the shures are the isolation. As the Oriolus is a hybrid with vent, the isolation is not as good as the shures. For grading purposes, this is what i would score them:
    Musicality and sound:
    846 - 8/10
    Oriolus - 9.5/10 (I reserve 0.5 for something that i may not have heard of)
    846 - 9/10
    Oriolus - 8/10
    Hope this helps.
  11. 3nenbgumi
    Based on sonic qualities alone, personally I'd rate the Oriolus higher - they have a more open feel, the treble is more agreeable to my ears and dat bass. All factors combined - tough. Do you plan on keeping just one, or both? In case you do just one, how much do you think you could recuperate from the sale of the Shures? Do you value isolation? etc...Too many variables come into play.
    If you could afford it, I'd say go for it - I think people generally do like how they sound. Just that if I were you I'd think twice about it, with the pound massively depreciated and all :D
  12. zeissiez
    I own both the 846 and the Oriolus. The Oriolus is more open and bigger sounding, there's more air between instruments and better separated, and clarity is better too. I felt fatigued after 2 hours listening to the 846, but I could listen to the Oriolus much longer. There's only one aspect that the 846 is better, the mid is slightly thicker. But the Oriolus is no slouch though, better than many top iems I heard. All in all, I think the Oriolus is one level up from the 846, it's a much better buy than the 846. But if you already own the 846, then it's a difficult question to answer. If u have the budget, then it's definitely worth it. Otherwise, keep your kidneys.
  13. LoneRanger
    Thanks for the feedback - appreciated. Think I will probably go for it and get them when funds allow. Can you get better isolation if you tape up the vent?
  14. Bjrmd
    See my graph above--taping the vent cuts the low bass--not advisable.  Having read the above comments between the 846 and this I pretty much agree.  Nothing beats the Shure isolation and sub bass, and that's what I use when cycling.  The vents pick up wind turbulence to a huge degree as well
    But as others said the sound details and laterality (?soundstage) are much better with the Oriolus.  Remember that the impedance of the 846 is quite low in the 2-6 K range which will challenge most portable amps/smartphones.  So in a quite environment I use the Oriolus.
    Try to keep both if you can.
  15. Wil
    I've owned the Oriolus for almost 2 months now and i can concur with the findings above. 
    There is, however, that is niggling me at the moment. 

    There seems to be a slight tubbiness to the mid bass. 
    The mids and highs are wonderful, no doubt, but i get a sense that if the mid bass could be a smidgen quicker and tighter, it would be even better.  
    *I've tried tip rolling and different cables but it still seems to be eviden (esp after long listening periods).  
    Source is from my Mojo with ifi ipurifier and i-usb from my desktop (tidal). 
    Will try a 75 ohm adapter tonight to see if it helps with the issue. 
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