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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. alffla

    I suppose thats just how Dynamic driver bass sounds like - slightly slower, warmer,more encompassing.
  2. TheMiddleSky
    Had tried many custom cable for Oriolus, I think these two are my champs for now: Effect Audio Leonidas and Crystal Cable Next
    Leonidas is really great for allrounder purpose, from mainstream pop, rock, jazz, classic, instrument, everything is great, tonality wise this type of cable with midrange bloom, full body bass with relax presentation, airy treble, wide and nice depth soundstage
    CC Next is more like the original oriolus cable (the silver color one), similar character, but with far better sound quality, black background, micro detail, bass texture, instrument clarity, and of course with very clean vocality without adding sibilance or any nasty things in that area.
  3. audionewbi
    Dont really care about the DAP but the CIEM format of their CIEM is exiting. 
    Source: Jaben china, http://tw.weibo.com/jabencn
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  4. darveniza
    Need some help or thoughts:
    I have a pair of Oriolus and I am currently leaving them to burn in.
    During my initial listen, I had to disable gain, bass boost and Eq on my source as the sound was not that great. It seemed to struggle with songs and found some left channel "distortion" not sure if it was that or it just revealed too much of the song recording. I was using Spotify Extreme.
    During my review of thread I found some comments on the tips and cables but not much else and I was just wondering are these so different than my other units that I am expecting something I will not get. The distortion was not "hissing" or anything like it seem to struggle with treble. Some songs like Modest Mouse (Spitting Venom) sounded pretty poorly around 3:43, Deerhunter Desire Lines the Guitars seemed to missed punch, SG Lewis Warm lacked bass.
    The cable maybe?? PAW5 cable
  5. Bjrmd
    I'm using these with a Note 4 (with optimized analog gain) and see no issues with stock cable.  I have "tested" the output relative to my Se846 and it's quite good and channel balanced.  Some things to check:
    Different sources--maybe impedance of your source is way high.
    Spotify-turn off normalize tracks--it reduces dynamic range.
    Try a different player--maybe one that allows L/R switching--Neutron for android allows this.
    If you are not used to sealed IEM's they will produce a resonance between 7-8 Khz, so you maybe aren't used to this.
    Defective drivers/cable--switch L/R sides and see if the distortion moves or not.
  6. boomtube
    Oriolus MK2 FS in my classified's.
  7. darveniza
    Thanks Bjrmd, under certain songs there is maybe a resonance. I will continue burn in and of course I need to listen for several days to get the right understanding of the device signature
  8. Bjrmd
    I wrote a little app that can be used to look for this, as well as ear/IEM imbalance.  Basically it uses tone thresholds to plot an equal loudness curve.  If you don't have gear to look at it electronically it may help you.
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  9. darveniza
    Bjrmd, Thanks for that I will try the app.Interesting effort on the phone app. Will try it over the weekend to test my Oriolus vs some of the other units
  10. jackyzhu
    I am looking to buy one pair for myself so I kept reading reviews/feedbacks, mainly on Chinese forums as they are much more popular there than here. Here is a brief summary of what I have gathered there:

    Overall, they are great IEMs, certainly TOTL level product; balanced and slightly colored fun sound; soundstage, instrument separation, resolution, imaging are all great; clarity is awesome; treble is smooth and neither too bright nor too dark, with quite good extension; midrange is its best part, a bit slightly forwarded but not as much as se846 or togo 334, smooth with great imaging and weight, great for both male and female vocals, very satisfying; the feedbacks on the bass part are sort of controversial, some say the bass is great, has good quantity and hits very deep, some other say the bass is not tight enough, some also say the cohesion between low and mid is not very good;

    comparison with se846: Oriolus almost win by a good margin onthe treble, soundstage and clarity, midrange is on par though some may prefer the much forwarded mid on the se846,se846 wins in the bass part and; overall they are a level above se846

    comparison with togo 334: they share more in similarities than in differences, the treble on Oriolus is better, the mid on 334 is much forwarded which might be a big win for some people, but the quality of Oriolus' mid is almost on par with 334 but not thus forwarded and thus resulted in more balanced sound, the vocal on 334 is more emotional, the female vocal is certainly better on 334 but the male vocal may be better on Oriolus; the bass on 334 may be better that on Oriolus as it is tighter and better layered (I didn't see many direct detailed comparison between them there)

    So, all in all, Oriolus are really great but not perfect, they will be closer to perfect if the bass could be tighter, but nothing is perfect. If you prefer balanced sound with awesome mid, Oriolus won't dispoint you.

    Regarding the Oriolus being sold in different regions, they come with different packaging and cables, but the IEM themselves are all certainly designed and manufactured in China, so the difference is only the packaging, the cable and the price. The second generation comes with a better cable and thus results in better sound, but there is no change to the internal design of the IEM.
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  11. alffla
    Yep, I think that's pretty on point. I'm really tempted to get the Oriolus but I think I might have some qualms about the slightly loose bass lol. But so far still one of my favourite IEMs that I've tried.
    I tried the ibasso IT03 yesterday - was curious what it would be like since ibasso worked on the Oriolus, and the IT03 is also a hybrid (1DD2BA)
    They actually have a somewhat similar sound - the IT03 is like a more intimate sounding and stronger bass focused brother of the Oriolus. Bass is extremely solid and faster, and the transition from bass to mids is also much more forward and filled out compared to the Oriolus. However, there is less emphasis on detail retrieval in the highs, but I guess that is the consequence of having much more bass and mids. Really tempted to buy this, since its 1/3 of the price of the Oriolus.
  12. kimD

    Hi do you have any chance for trying out UM Merlin v2 in HK?
  13. alffla

    yes. what would you like to know

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  14. kimD

    Bass, mids and treble with clarity of textures detail
  15. alffla

    went to try Merlin v2 today. here are some pics


    I was really really impressed by it.has tighter, faster bass than Oriolus. highs are airy and detailed at the end of the spectrum. mids are not too forward and not as lush as oriolis but overall have a sense of air surrounding instruments. soundstage I think was ever so slightly narrower than oriolus. torn between deciding the two of these great hybrids.

    Sent from my ONE E1003 using Tapatalk
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