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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. Pat McGroine
    Excellent looking set up. Can I ask who’s angled connecting cable you went with?
  2. xXOnGXx
    Does any one know where can I download the latest firmware? Currently my HA-2 is in v6.74, the official site seems to remove the link to the firmware.
  3. xXOnGXx
    Found the file to upgrade. For those who need v6.76, here's the link

    And for mac users, you can use (OPPO HA-1 Firmware Upgrade Tool) which can be found in the official site under Sonica DAC -> Support -> (USB DAC Firmware Latest Official Release Version) NOT (Main Firmware Latest Official Release Version). DO NOT use the firmware under Sonica DAC, but use the firmware file shown above. You just need the upgrade tool in Sonica DAC.
  4. inertianinja
    how does this actually work? I get "access denied"
  5. koover
    Really reviving this thread.
    I could and should read the entire thread (which I eventually will) but I’m looking for a recommendation and hopefully a link.
    Just purchased a like new unit but have read and see the included cable for the iPhone 7 can be a real PITA ergonomic wise.
    Is there a cable for an iPhone 7+ that’s a bit more “pocket” friendly that I can pick up?
    I get it if you guys say “read the thread” but I do hope someone can help a new owner out with some solid advice.

    Also (now I’m pushing it) how about the best way to strap it on the phone without covering up the entire screen while still being able to actually use your phone without having to dismantle your entire set-up?
    Thanx for any input guys....and?...:v:
  6. DrunkSaru
    Cable I used with my wife's iphone:
    Only issue for me was the cable wasn't long enough for my setup where I could flip my cover case (see below) but otherwise, worked great. I just didn't use the rear camera. I've since switched to Android.

    My setup: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/opp...scussion-thread.755879/page-311#post-13935283
    I can use my phone and all it's functions and also use camera if needed. Very happy so far.
  7. koover
    You’re a rockstar! It looks like I have the exact same flip cover too. Perfect set-up.
    Appreciate the cable recommendation too!
  8. DrunkSaru
    I just had a woah moment because I came across some info that is old because it pertains to the original HA-2, not the SE, but I don't ever recall seeing this information anywhere else.
    it came in different colors:
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  9. koover
    Does anyone or did anyone have major drop off issues? I have the latest firmware update on the IPhone 7+ and it gets to a point where it’s unusable. Constantly booting me off, putting sound out on the phone itself, switching back and forth rapid fire not knowing where to connect. It’s like it’s possessed.
    Any ideas? Help please because it’s coming to a point where I can’t even use it.
  10. Yobster69
  11. DrunkSaru
    I personally have not but I can't really do much testing testing for you on my end either.
    This is totally what I recall reading on this thread but doing one or more of the following has helped some:
    • Turning off one or all wireless signals (including cell, wifi, bluetooth)
    • changing the cable you're connecting to. (This is what I did with my wife's phone and I generally had better luck with anything that was mfi certified)
    • Resetting the phone to factory. Check to see if you get any drops. If not, start installing one app at a time and checking. Some have claimed software/app conflicts.
    • Lastly, try another iphone. I don't remember if it was here but one person realized it was their HA-2 where the bottom switch wasn't switching properly so it was a hardware issue on Oppo's end.
    • Also, one thing I didn't think of until just now is the music files itself. Whether you're streaming or you have files on your phone, maybe certain bit rates or VBR files can cause a hiccup in transmitting the digital file to the HA-2.
    My wife has the iPhone 7 so I'll test it out on her's again when I get the chance and see if I can duplicate any issues.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
  12. koover
    Thanks man. Really good feedback where I’ll look at everything you suggested other then another IPhone. If it doesn’t work on this phone, it’s really irrelevant. I get it though to dwindle down the possibilities.
    Thank me again.
  13. sine_wave
    Is there any word on OPPO releasing an updated version of this? Obviously it's a great piece of kit but it's been around for a few years now, I imagine something is in the works.
  14. DrunkSaru
    I don't think so. It's barely been over a year I think since the SE came out and that was partially because Sabre came out with a new dac chipset. I've had mine since March of 2015 and though the battery now is about 70% of what it was before, I still enjoy it greatly. I also still think at it's price range, it's one of the sleekest, best looking portable amps out there. I know Fiio just came out with their new flagship and that looks very interesting but some who have heard both have said Oppo is still really good and unless you must have some other features that Fiio has, they aren't suggesting an upgrade. That said, IF Oppo is designing a new version, part of me really wants them to throw in a 4.4 jack. hehehe.
  15. koover
    Man, I am so pi$$ed off. After all this time (from reading this thread) that running the HA-2 with an IPhone 7+ with the latest upgrade (11.2.6) that the drop off are 1 after the other making this unplayable. It's literally every 15-30 seconds, will have to turn off unit or unplug the supplied short black Oppo cable, then start all over again. I might get lucky and get 5 minutes straight before losing it again.
    There's no one out there that has this unit (not the e) and experiencing this and if so, what did you do?
    I've turned of location services, Bluetooth, left on Wi-Fi, shut down all apps not being used, turned off all notifications, just about everything I can think of and nothing works except for me just junking this unit.
    Any help if anyone has any ideas would be so greatly appreciated.
    I figured it's gonna be crickets.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2018
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