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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. vigotone
    I'm also experiencing the dropouts since the latest upgrade. Nothing I've tried has worked. All we can do is report it to Oppo and hope the next iOS update fixes this.
  2. DrunkSaru
    So I just tried it on my wife's iphone again and had a 15-20 min listen and no issues with mine. I used the iphone cable that came with the amp.
    So that brings me to some other things that I would like you to try if you're up for it.
    -If you just use the amp portion, connecting iphone to line-in with aux cable and listen, will it still skip?
    -What headphones/IEM's are you using? (doubt it but maybe impedence is playing a role?
    -If you connect to an android or PC, will you experience the same issue?

    Trying to figure out if it's indeed the iPhone that is the culprit.
  3. alpovs
    If you read this thread several pages back it was noted that it's a problem with iOS and has nothing to do with OPPO. OPPO can't help it.
  4. alpovs
    Is the HA-2SE discontinued?!! I went to the OPPO site and don't see it there anymore except for the support section. Maybe they got tired with the iPhone problems...
  5. DrunkSaru
    maybe. They've been constantly out of stock over the past year. Maybe they feel they need to do something because Fiio came out with something that is pretty sweet.
  6. torifile
    I got an HA-2SE yesterday and it’s going back. Constant stutters drop outs with my iPhone X. Nothing seems to cure it. It works fine with my Mac but that’s not why I bought it. I’m going to be out shipping costs and I’m not happy about that considering they are selling a product that seems to have known issues with only the most popular new phone out there. :/
  7. alpovs
    Can you specify what you mean? I have not been following the developments lately.
  8. DrunkSaru
    alpovs likes this.
  9. PetZoundz
    I had the same problem, and not just with the Oppo. But FINALLY, a solution (hopefully for good!)...turn off True Tone on the iPhone X display settings. Worked for me, hope it works for you.
  10. torifile
    Really? That seems nuts. But I’ll give it a try and see.
  11. koover
    Well it’s finally working.
    I had to go engage airplane mode, then turn off Bluetooth, turned off basically all notifications for every app I’ve downloaded that I rarely use and only keep what I absolutely need and use often. Turned off automatic downloads and FaceTime. Don’t know what combination did it but it’s been working like a charm for the last 2 days. Gonna count my blessings and enjoy this AMP/DAC when it works.
  12. jtinto
    I think it's discontinued. The Canadian distributor told me that they can no longer get any new stock of HA-2SE.
  13. Linus1
    Just checked tonight, saw that Solutions AV has no stock in either model. Fortunately I snagged a -2 about a month ago from them.

    I use the HA-2 only with my iPod classic (long 30 pin cable is a drag, though), both with headphones and using the line-out with computer speakers (at work) and directly into my power amp at home. Lovely little unit! I have a new iPod touch I'll need to get running and use that as well. No phone, so I cannot comment on that.

    Glad you got your phone to run, koover - this really is a nice unit, hope you're enjoying it now!
    koover likes this.
  14. franz12
    I bought HA-2 about 2 years ago. It was kinda the best at that moment. But at this moment, it seems it is well outdone by Filo Q5. One concern about the Q5 is that its outpower seems to be weaker than the HA-2 unless one uses a balanced input.

    HA-2: 220 mW into 32 Ohm
    Q5: 150mw into 32 Ohm (unbalanced) 400mw into 32 Ohm (balanced)
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  15. DarthCh0l0
    on my Q1 MK2 i'm going balanced just to get the extra umph from the extra dac chips and less for the balanced audio channels themselves. (this is for HD6XX)

    I do really want a Q5 now though.
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