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OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread

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  1. TjPhysicist
    :frowning2:. I'm tried the same thing by using their cable with an anker adapter. My phone doesn't even recognise that anything at all is connected.
  2. djmakemynight
    Weird. My adapter is unbranded and cost like 1 buck?

    Your can resort to this:

    3rd last from the bottom there is a Micro B to C cable.
  3. alpovs
    Get this cable from eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/292052970340
    I have it and use with the Nexus 5X. No charging/draining. It doesn't matter what the pull down menu says. Just plug it in and it works.
    See my post for reasons why most adapters and cables don't work, i.e., drain phone battery: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/opp...scussion-thread.755879/page-304#post-13739760
    Besides, adapter + cable is a hassle - it sticks out too far, slowly ruining the port.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2017
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  4. TjPhysicist
    yea i bought that, a bit short for my liking, but better than nothing i suppose. Unfortunately, this is prbly only gonna be here sometime early november.

    P.S: i saw ur post. so IN THEORY. shouldn't "micro USB OTG Cable" -> "USB A Male/Male" -> "usb C "otg" cable" work? Micro usb otg and usb c otg (i.e .both ending in female USB A) are really easy to find, even those properly specced (with the right pins etc as you mentioned).
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2017
  5. djmakemynight
    Yeah, I agree that adapter is not the best solution but it is an effective short term fix until the proper cable arrives.

    Just wanted to help any fellow HA-2 user(s) who is still looking for cables or bought a ton of cables that don't work.

    I have ordered the cable you suggested. Will update when it arrives and tested out. Stay tuned.

  6. TjPhysicist
    So I just randomly tried the following stupidity: usb micro b OTG (you know the usual micro B to usb A female one), bought a USB A/A Male to Male adapter (i'm not even sure WHY these exist TBH, lol) and then a USB C to usb A "otg" adapter (so the thing is, the moment a proper one is connected to my phone, even before anything is connected to the adapter the phone has that "what do you want me to do with connected device" notification). OTG adapters pictured here: https://source.android.com/devices/audio/usb

    And it works (more or less) it's sometimes gets disconnected but the phone now lasts the normal amount of time, so no battery drain. but this does work, in the end. Am still waiting on the 12 or so wires I ordered, I'll post here about exactly which ones work.

    P.S: it occured to me, after reading the source.android.com page, that android, for some reason can't do 96/24 natively, :frowning2:. that's rather unfortunate. There are some apps that can, AND for anyone that cares the latest Alpha of poweramp has that ability (only 16 bit though), I cannot clarify it WORKS (i.e. clarify that the signal being received by the DAC/Amp is in fact 192khz but my phone thinks it is).
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2017
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  7. alpovs
    LOL! I went through this before I figured out what and how it works as I posted above. Now I have multiple short cables and weird adapters lying around.
    There is a limitation in Android that it will always upsample and output the highest bitrate the connected DAC claims to be able to accept. If you want bitperfect get this player: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.extreamsd.usbaudioplayerpro&hl=en
    It's expensive ($10) but worth it. It uses its own driver to output bitperfect but it works only from withing the app. But it has integrated TIDAL, which I like.
  8. alpovs
    If you go the adapter route make sure get the adapters with 5.1 kOhm resistors. The problem is that often it is not mentioned in the description or what is mentioned is wrong.
  9. DrunkSaru
    Thanks Swesko. I got my cable last night, plugged it in and yeah, reverse charge not happening. This is great. Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do with all these other cables (just counted 9 total) that I bought in the beginning that never worked for me. Maybe i'll hold on to it and see how they do when my phone upgrades to Oreo.

    Edit: I bought 2 cables just in case. Both worked so it's good. I then started to comparing the cables (old and new) to see any pins were missing or construction was different but everything looked fine. I then noticed that the new cable bent easier than my old cable. FYI: these cables look identical. So out of curiosity, I decided to splice one of the new ones. It's missing one wire - the wire that would send power. This explains why this cable (the new one) won't charge other products and doesn't have the issue of reverse charging with the HA-2. Also explains why when you plug cable into the phone, Android still thinks something is connected and that menu pops up saying it's charging the external device. I thought after reading responses from many and many claimed it's not the OS, my fallback hypothesis was controller chip on the USB. I'm now back to thinking it's still an OS issue. I don't recall a massive battery drain when my phone was running Marshmallow but then again, it wasn't until Nougat that the feature of charging an external device came into play. At least I have a working cable now and also have a slightly longer one on the way too.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2017
  10. spw1880
    Hi all oppo users,

    I would to ask if anyone knows if the oppo ha2SE has the same seperate grounds design on its headphone out as the first gen oppo ha2. So as to be able to accept TRRS balanced connection.

    Btw i have some short cables from penon audio, moon and lavricables and have all worked well hope that helps somehow. They are obviously more expensive the the average cable. (Durability goes to penon and moon) But have had no issues with connection or charging with my phones. I have no comments on sound diferences..i just focus on ergonomics, durability which i know using larger gauge good quality copper will affect, along with proper shielding and casing on the connectors matter also. I have used some other short cables in the past and many have not stood the test of time through rigours continuous use on the go.

  11. Ash Hayes
    Looking my for a way to attach this to an iPhone 8 Plus. Someone recommended using an iPhone JimmyCase which looks like a good idea. Any other decent recommendations?

  12. Cuenca John
    Well, for a temp use, you do have the two silicon bands supplied by Oppo, that will hold the dac to the iPhone.
    For awhile, I used them to strap the dac to my iPad mini.
  13. Zodler
    I just got HA-2SE. It would have been great if you could see on the DAC the sample rate it is playing.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2017
  14. Ash Hayes
    Has anyone had any issues with iOS 11.0.1 ?
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2018
  15. jhog
    Anyone tried this with the fiio x3ii. Is it a decent step up in sq?

    Thanks in advance!
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